TOUCHit Headphones - Get in touch with the music 

Exclusive Bluetooth headphones in Award winning Danish design with 22 hours battery time. Pamper your ears with impressive sound and amazing fit. The ANC function will let you enjoy your music with minimal disturbance from your surroundings. TOUCHit is indispensable when you are on the go.
TOUCHit is a pair of on-ear headphones with a completely unique design – a design that received the recognized Red Dot Design Award.

The TOUCHit headphones will give you the benefits of sound and ANC equal to that of an over-ear model. The ear cups are specially designed with two cushions on each side for added sound experience and comfort. It is easy to control your music with the headphone buttons, so you can pocket your phone while on the go.  

TOUCHit Headphones


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