WOOFit Go Bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth speaker in Danish design

WOOFit Go is a small, lightweight speaker with great sound, which elegantly combines beautiful Danish design and ultimate portability. Throw it in the bag and take it with you in the park, at the festival or on your vacation. WOOFit Go is water repellent and withstands water spray so you can enjoy the music wherever you are. 

The WOOFit Go X and XQ speaker is a different version of WOOFit Go with a new design combination and updated Bluetooth. The WOOFit Go X combines elegant Danish design and portability perfectly. WOOFit Go XQ is an upgrade that can be charged wirelessly.

Customize your WOOFit Go! You can easily adjust the speaker to your personal style with the changeable fronts.

WOOFit Go Speakers


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