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SACKit Nordic round coffee table in Danish design

Choose a coffee table in beautiful quality materials, which you'll enjoy for years to come

Let your hands glide over the smooth material. Explore the structure of the solid wood. Be inspired by the many details. When you have a SACKit Nordic table in your hands, you will immediately notice the exquisite craftsmanship. SACKit Nordic is a thoroughly Danish design, which stands beautifully with its clean, Scandinavian style.

The coffee table is available in two wood types; light oak and black lacquered birch wood. The light wood results in a natural and dynamic look giving a perfect Scandinavian look to your home. The black-lacquered wood contributes with a very classic style giving your décor an edge. On the black table, the table top is treated with the super durable FENIX nanolaminate, which has an incredibly beautiful matt surface. FEMIX nanolaminate is known for being resistant to fingerprints, scratches and dirt. It means that you'll have a product that is super easy to clean and lasts for years.

Place the coffee table by the couch, your favourite armchair or together with the SACKit Nordic lounge chairs. The coffee table also fits perfectly together with the SACKit Nordic side table. These two small tables complement each other perfectly and give a dynamic look to your décor.

Danish design

The SACKit Nordic series is a natural part of the SACKit range with its subtle design and carefully selected quality materials. The renowned Aalborg design duo, Steffensen & Würtz, is behind the design, inspired by our existing lounge and sound products.

Steffensen & Würtz about the design:
"Our starting point has been to create a furniture series for SACKit that makes a clear reference to existing products. The series features a simple and elegant look with both edge and dynamics. The furniture is subtle and pleasant to the eye. The degree of detail in the design has been very important to us. The closer to the furniture you are, the more details you spot. So there is a good opportunity to explore."

Designed in Denmark

SACKit Nordic Coffee Table subscribes directly into the Danish design tradition. With its elegant design, clean lines and simple details, it has a style that fits perfectly into the modern home.


SACKit Nordic Coffee Table is the perfect piece of furniture for those who want a design product that lasts for years without going out of fashion. With its specially designed cross-frame and beautiful solid wood carvings, you get a timeless combination of exclusive Danish design of the highest quality.


  • Product measurements: Height: 45 cm x diameter: 78cm
  • Table in oak:
    • Frame: Manufactured in solid oak, treated with matt varnish
    • Table top: Lacquered oakwood finish
    • Weight: 8,5 kg
  • Table in black lacquered birch:
    • Frame: Made of solid birch wood treated with black lacquer
    • Table top: Veneer with FENIX nanolaminate, which is known to be extremely durable and easy to clean. Learn more about FENIX laminate here:
    • Weight: 9,6 kg
  • Note: Because the frame is made of a natural material, each table is unique. It will naturally vary in colour and wood structure. Knots can occur as a natural part of the wood.

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