Cobana Square Pouf

Pouf for indoor and outdoor use

Indoor and outdoor
Color: Cobana Grey

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Take out your Cobana Square Pouf in every kind of weather. For the best protection take it inside when finish using. Use it in your home and mix it with a Cobana Lounge Chair for the optimal design look!

Cobana Square Pouf is a high quality puf in a vintage design with a great comfort. The fabric is hard wearing canvas, and the built makes the pouf keep its shape – also when not in use!

  • Water repellent
  • Lightfastness: grade 7-8. The lightfastness scale is between 1-8, where 8 is the best grade
  • Durable
  • A design that holds its shape
  • Hand-sewn stitches
  • OEKO-TEX certified


              • Cover: Cobana fabric 100% olefin fiber
              • Filling: EPS beads (100% chemical-free)
              • Linen stitches

              Product specifications

              • Dimensions: 60 x 35 x 40 cm (Lenght x Width x Height)
              • Test result / durability: 20,000 Martindale
              • Lightfastness: grade 7-8. The lightfastness scale is between 1-8, where 8 is the best grade
              • Water repellent: grade 90
              • OEKO-TEX certified

              Note: Please be aware that our Cobana Square Pouf is stuffed with EPS beads when you receive it. Therefore, the pouf may feel a bit hard the first couple of times you use it. The beads will get softer after a couple of weeks of use, and the pouf will feel very comfortable. The hard filling ensures that your pouf will hold its shape for longer.


              After it has rained (or when you know rain is coming), we advise you to tip the pouf over so that the water can run out, and the pouf will be dry in no time as the fabric does not absorb the water. We recommend that you protect your pouf against the cold by keeping it inside during the Winter.

              We recommend cleaning the pouf with our Textile Cleaner. Even though the cover can be detached, we do not recommend that you wash it as the hand-sewn stitches along the pouf's edge can get damaged by being washed in a machine.

              Is the filling in the pouf non-toxic?

              Yes, all our filling is 100% non-toxic!

              Can you buy extra filling?

              Yes, you can. You can easily fill it with extra balls here.

              How do I clean the pouf?

              We recommend cleaning the pouf with our Textile Cleaner.

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                    Water repellent
                    Functional design

                    Indoor & Outdoor

                    Inside? Outside? You decide! Make it your favorite spot in the sun on summer days. During stormy nights and rainy days it will make the perfect lounge furniture in front of the fire place. Use it in the living room, on the children's room, in the garden, and on the terrace - MOVEit!


                    There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. Cobana Square Pouf is made of the synthetic material olefin which is water-resistant and cannot get attacked by mildew. Chillax and enjoy the fresh air!

                    Handmade stitching

                    The beautiful handmade stitching around the edges makes every piece unique. The string is made from linen and gives the design an edgy look. It's the SACKit DNA!


                    Cobana Square Pouf is made for continuous use. All materials are of the very best quality – a surface of hard-wearing canvas, a strong polyester undersurface, YKK zipper and dimensionally stable beads filling. Go on and have a seat!

                    Light fastness

                    Oh, the sun is so strong today! Luckily, this product is made of a synthetic material which means that it will not fade in the sun. But you still need to remember your own sun lotion!

                    OEKO-TEX certified

                    Our Cobana series is not only designed to give you a luxurious and relaxing experience but is also made from an OEKO-TEX certified fabric. This means you can be assured that your furniture is free from hazardous substances and is environmentally friendly, so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind. OEKO-TEX certification means that the Cobana textile has been tested for substances that are harmful to your health and the environment, and that it's been approved for its purpose.

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