Move 150

Bluetooth speaker

Color: Steel

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Expected delivery: 2-3 days

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Move 150 lets you to enjoy your favourite music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your phone, tablet or computer. You get great sound and a sleek Danish design that can both be used at home and taken with you on the go. Enjoy a wireless experience when listening via the built-in battery, which gives you up to 12 hours of streaming time.

  • 12-hour autonomy
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Transportable
  • Interchangeable front panel
  • Danish design
  • Stereo pairing


      • Fiord fabric from the Danish manufacturer Kvadrat
      • Leather

      Product specifications

      • Bluetooth 5.0
      • On-speaker operation
      • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 2200mAh
      • Up to 12 hours of streaming
      • Output power: 30W
      • 2 x Full range drivers, 2 x tweeters
      • Class D amplifier
      • LED indicator
      • USB connector with 5V 1A output, 3.5mm AUX input jack, DC jack
      • Dimensions: 310 x 160 x 80 mm
      • Fiord fabric from Danish Kvadrat (Certified with EU flower)
      • AC / DC adapter included, AC230 ~ 50Hz with VDE connector
      • Interchangeable front

      Box content

      • 1 x Move 150 Bluetooth speaker
      • 1x AC / DC adapter for charging
      • 1 x mini-jack cable
      • 1x mounted MOVEitX Front

      User manual

      What is the difference between Move 150 and MOVEit?

      The primary difference is that MOVEit has Bluetooth 4.2 and Move 150 has Bluetooth 5.0. That means that Move 150 has slightly better sound and can be paired for stereo. Furthermore the two speakers are clad in different types of fabric.

      Can I connect 2 Move 150 to eachother?

      Yes, you can. As long as they're both Move 150 models they can be connected.

      1. Turn on both speakers.
      2. Press down 3 times on the Bluetooth button on both speakers and the speakers will connect.
      3. When they are connected the indicator light will light up on the one and flash on the other.

      How long does it take Move 150 to charge?

      It takes approx. 3 hours to charge fully.

      Can I buy an extra charger/adapter for Move 150?

      Yes, you can find it here.

      Can I use MOVEit fronts on Move 150?

      Yes, you can. You can choose many beautiful colors for your Move 150. Your tunes - your look! See our selection of fronts for MOVEit

      Why can't I connect to it?

      It might be that another device is connected to Move 150. It needs to be disconnected first. Do this by holding down the Bluetooth button until it says "Waiting for Bluetooth connection".

      Can Move 150 be used as a sound bar?

      Move 150 can be used as a sound bar. Connect the speaker to your TV via Bluetooth or cable and get an amazing sound for your movie experiences.

      User manual

          Stereo pairing


          Move 150 can play both when connected to the power supply or from the built-in battery. It has a 12-hour autonomy, so you can easily take the speaker with you - enjoy impressive sound in the bathroom, on the terrace, at the beach or perhaps on a trip to Spain... Just move it!

          Danish design

          Move 150 is a speaker with a well-thought-out Danish design. The Nordic design speaks its own clear language, and you get a product that not only plays great but is also beautiful! In addition to the elegant exterior, the speaker is also designed to be multifunctional in use. The interchangeable fronts, the portable design and the possibility of stereo coupling make the speaker a product that you can use and adapt exactly to your needs!

          Interchangeable front panel

          What's your colour? Changing the colour of your speaker will not be any easier than with the MOVEit Front. Replace the front colour of the speaker whenever you want. Your tunes, your look!The front is covered with Fiord fabric from the Danish manufacturer Kvadrat. The Fiord fabric construction combines a mixed yarn with a plain yarn, creating a unique play of colour on the surface of the fabric. Choose from other fronts covered with Fiord fabric from Danish Kvadrat or Xpress fabric from Gabriel and then choose exactly the colour you want.

          Stereo pairing

          Make your audio experience even greater! Updated from MOVEit, Move 150 speakers can be connected in stereo pairs, allowing you to get a better and more detailed sound image. One is great. Two are even better. Move 150 is a mono speaker but can be connected and transformed into a stereo system, with a right and a left speaker. You will undoubtedly be surprised by the sound you will experience with two Move 150 speakers.

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