Wireless Charging

Battery 10400 (2 pack) + CHARGEit Dual Dock

Rechargeable batteries for Light 250 and Light 350 + Wireless Dual Charger

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Are you also using your SACKit Light 250s and Light 350s so much that you often run out of battery? And are you tired of putting a dimmer on the mood? SACKit has the solution – two extra Battery 10400. With extra fully charged batteries, you can light up the summer nights and dark winter months for much longer – smart!

CHARGEit Dual Dock is a stylish wireless double charger, allowing you to charge two devices at the same time. The wireless charger combines cool features and design in world class.

Battery 10400

  • Batteries for SACKit Light 250 and Light 350
  • Removable 10400 mAh batteries
  • Wirelessly rechargeable batteries
  • USB-C charger cables is included

CHARGEit Dual Dock

  • Qi Certified
  • 2 x 10W Wireless Fast Chager
  • Remix Fabric from the danish manufacturer KVADRAT
  • Diamond cut aluminum frame

At SACKit, we're certain you'll be happy with your SACKit products. In fact, we're so confident you'll love them that, in the unlikely event you're not satisfied, we offer a full refund on your purchase for a whole 30 days after you've received the item. This even applies if you've used the product. Read more about our return T&Cs here .

Wireless Charging

Battery 10400 (2 pack) + CHARGEit Dual Dock

Removable battery

It’s super easy to change the battery in SACKit Light 250 and Light 350 so that the party doesn’t have to end when darkness creeps in. Unscrew the top and you’ll see that the battery is easily accessible. The battery has two pins. They ensure that the battery is secure inside Light 250 and Light 350. To remove the battery, press the two pins together and pull out the battery. Now you can switch the batteries and the ambience can continue.

No more putting a dimmer on the mood

Does your SACKit Light 250 or Light 350 run out of battery at the worst possible times? While winter bathing or right in the middle of the garden party after dark? We can’t have that! No more putting a dimmer on the mood, because with the extra battery, you are always ready to extend the memorable evenings.

Wirelessly rechargeable battery

When you buy a Battery 10400, a USB-C charger cable is included, but if you desire an easier way to charge your Battery 10400, it can also be charged on all of SACKit’s CHARGEit products. CHARGE it is a series of wireless chargers that make charging your devices easier than ever. You can even get a wireless charger combined with a powerbank. With that you can charge your Battery 10400 on the go without issue – smart!