Patio Dining Table - Ø133

Dining table for outdoor use

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Expected delivery: 5-7 business days Expected delivery: 2-3 days

Expected delivery: 5-7 business daysExpected delivery: 2-3 days

Expected delivery: 5-7 business daysExpected delivery: 2-3 days

Patio Dining Table is an elegant dining table for outdoor use. The table is made of powder-coated aluminum with a gorgeous tabletop of solid teak wood slats. Patio Dining Table is a continuation of our Patio Series, but also the beginning of a new look, where the rounded legs soften the sleek, rectangular design. Patio Dining Table is perfect for family gatherings and friendly hangouts.

  • Powder-coated aluminum
  • FSC certified teak wood
  • Durable and strong structure
  • Danish design


  • Dimensions: Ø133 x H74 cm


  • Powder-coated Stainless Aluminum
  • Untreated Teak Wood

ATT: All tables will be unique and can vary in color since the product is made of real wood.

Can the table stay outside all year round?

Teak wood has a high level of natural resin, which protects the wood. Therefore, the side table can stay outside all year round.

Does the teak wood need to be treated?

Teak wood can last for many years without treatment but will without it become grey over time. If you want to avoid the grey color, you need to oil it regularly.

FSC certified teak wood
Durable materials
Danish Design

Beautiful & Durable Materials

You may recognize the materials from the rest of our Patio Series, which inspired the design. The powder-coated, stainless aluminum completes the Nordic expression. Just like all of our outdoor furniture, the Patio Dining Table is durable against wind and weather. Therefore, it can stand outside all year round, and you won’t have to move your outdoor furniture back and forth when the seasons change.

Danish Design

Patio Dining Table is an elegant and stylish Danish design. The table is designed in collaboration with the renowned Danish design-duo Steffensen & Würtz. Their focus has been on creating a stable and durable outdoor bench while refusing to compromise on the timeless design. The Patio Dining Table’s character shines through in the soft details and its simple expression, which allows it to complement any outdoor space.

Comfortable Seating Around the Table

Combine the table with our outdoor dining chair that is proportionally designed to glide smoothly under the table. In combination with the chairs, the outdoor dining table will create the perfect frame for memorable moments with family and friends.

A beautiful and vibrant look

The natural appearance of teak wood creates a beautiful and vibrant look that changes over time. The color of the wood gradually changes to a beautiful greyish patina after exposure to sun and weather.

If you prefer the original warm and golden color of the wood, you can treat your teak furniture with teak oil, which both protects the wood from harmful elements and restores the beautiful, warm color.

Whether you choose to let your teak furniture develop its natural patina or choose to oil it, teak is extremely durable and can withstand being left outside all year round.

FSC® Certified

The wood in this product is FSC certified (FSC C190311), which guarantees that the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. The FSC certification is your, and our, assurance that the wood comes from well-managed forests and other responsible sources. FSC works for both nature and human conditions in the world's forests.

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