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CHARGEit Stand Dock

Wireless Charger in elegant design

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CHARGEit Stand Dock combines fast wireless charing with gorgeous danish design. The wireless charger has premium Qi Certified wireless fast charge, and two coils (spots for wireless charging), ensuring a strong connection when charging your iPhone, earbuds, or any other Qi-compatible device. The silicone X on the front keeps your device safe and in a practical angle, letting you see the screen clearly while charging – no matter if it’s horizontal or vertical. CHARGEit Stand Dock comes with a 1.5 meter long cable in a color that matches the fabric on the front, completing the stylish look.

  • Qi Certified
  • 10W Wireless Fast Charger
  • Remix fabric from the danish manufacturer KVADRAT
  • Diamond cut aluminum frame
  • Horizontal or vertical charging


  • Remix fabric from the danish manufacturer KVADRAT
  • Diamond cut aluminum frame
  • Silicone – anti-slip bottom and X on the front

Product Specifications

  • Qi Certified
  • Wireless Fast Charger
  • 2 Coils with 10W (spots for wireless charging)
  • LED indicators that turn off automatically after 30 seconds
  • Input: DC5V/2A, 9V/1.67A
  • Output 1 Wireless Charging: 3x10W/7.5W/5W
  • Output 2 USB A: 5V/2.1A
  • Measurements: 135 x 75 x 67 mm
  • Weight: 220g


  • Compatible with all Qi activated devices
  • Compatible with iPhone 8 and newer iPhones
  • Compatible with Android devices that support wireless charging
  • Compatible with Airpods Pro and Airpods with a wireless charging case
  • Compatible with ROCKit, ROCKit X and WOOFit Go XQ
  • Apple Watch CANNOT be charged on CHARGEit Stand Dock

Box Contents

  • CHARGEit Stand Dock Wireless Fast Charger
  • 5 m USB-A cable
  • Quick start guide

ATT: The box DOES NOT contain an adapter

User manual CHARGEit Stand Dock

Am I allowed to use the CHARGEit Stand Dock on an airplane?

Yes you are. However, it must have power via USB in the meantime. So you can easily charge on the go and watch a good movie.

Can CHARGEit Stand Dock charge my Apple Watch?

No it can't as most smart watches use a different technology for wireless charging.

Does CHARGEit Stand Dock work with all types of mobile covers?

It works with most covers, but not covers with magnets.

Can CHARGEit Stand Dock wirelessly charge my Airpods Pro?

Yes, it can easily charge them.

Can CHARGEit Stand Dock charge my phone when it's vertical and when it's horizontal?

Yes, you can charge it anyway you'd like. So put your phone down and watch a movie while it charges - handy!

Which adapter should I use for CHARGEit Stand Dock?

Most USB adapters that can be connected to your power plug can be used with no issues. We recommend that you choose a QC2.0 or QC3.0 adapter to ensure the stability and functionality of CHARGEit Stand.

Which devices are compatible with CHARGEit Stand Dock?

All Qi certified devices. These are most new phones from Iphone 8 and newer as well as most new Android phones. See a complete list here.

User manual CHARGEit Stand Dock

At SACKit, we're certain you'll be happy with your SACKit products. In fact, we're so confident you'll love them that, in the unlikely event you're not satisfied, we offer a full refund on your purchase for a whole 30 days after you've received the item. This even applies if you've used the product. Read more about our return T&Cs here .

Danish Design
Fast Charger
Wireless Charger

CHARGEit Stand Dock

Power Up Without Shutting Down

Should you charge your phone or use it? Do both at the same time! Write messages, watch movies or make important video calls while your phone is charging. The angled charging surface and the silicone X on the front, keeps your device in a secure and practical angle to see the screen while charging, no matter if it’s horizontal or vertical.

Two 10W Coils (spots for wireless charging) ensures a strong connection to the device, as well as fast charging no matter the position.

Fast Wireless Charging

Charge your phone wirelessly and quickly with CHARGEit Stand so you’ll never run out of battery – this goes for all devices that supports wireless charging (except for smart watches). CHARGEit Stand is Qi certified and has 10W fast charge. Qi is a universal wireless charging standard, which ensures a safe and stable wireless charging. Read more about compatibility here.

Danish Design

CHARGEit Stand is made of high-quality materials, such as the Remix fabric from the danish manufacturer KVADRAT, and the diamond cut aluminum frame. These gorgeous and hardy materials, as well as the timeless danish design, makes sure that CHARGEit Stand will stand the test of time.

Choose the color that matches you and your style best – bring it with you on the go, place it in the office or use it in the comfort of your home.

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Carsten N.

Excellent products. Recently tried the charger, and it is really smart as it both charges quickly + it looks great.


Charging gone gorgeous -there is no better way to say it. A classic, stylish, and wireless charger in a very exclusive look which ensures a strong connection between charger and phone. It suits every office and desk.

Nicklas P.

I have now had SACKit Stand Dock on my night stand for a week, and I only have good things to say about the product. The first thing you notice is the great build quality. You can really feel that it is quality and that the product has a solid weight, so you are not afraid to lace your phone in the dock. A USB C is also included with the dock, so it is a bit more future-proof. The dock is designed so that you can charge your smartphone, not only in an upright position but also in landscape mode so that you can watch videos while the phone is being charged. The bottom of the two coils in the charger is located far enough down that it can also charge my AirPods Pro, which just adds more value to the product. Since I have used the product in the bedroom, I was very excited about the sound and light level of the Stand Dock. Fortunately, my fears were put to shame. There has not been the slightest sound coming from the product, so it has not been any problem at all. As for the light, a small blue diode lights up at the bottom of the charger, but it stops lighting very quickly. So, there is also no annoying light that keeps you awake at night. I have not tested the charging speed itself properly as I have put it in the stand when I have gone to bed and taken the phone out in the morning when it is at 100%. For me, it does not matter a great deal if it charges super fast as the convenience of being able to easily put the phone down to charge, means that I am going to charge it much more often than if I had to use a cable. The charger is also powerful enough to work even if the phone has a thin cover on it. It is very convenient that you do not have to take the cover off and on every time the phone needs to be charged. I plan to buy more when the charger is released so I also can get one for work. It is going to be placed between my two screens and always be ready for use, as its face unlock will be at just the right angle. This means I have a phone where I can always see what is going on. Overall, a great product.


It's just always a pleasure to treat yourself to a SACKit product... And this time is no exception CHARGEit Stand Dock makes it easy and convenient to charge and is a great "holder" if you want to play something on the phone. I use it when I work out at home... And the design looks terrific... my rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Can one have too many SACKit products...? -I think not ☝❤️