Description of Olefin fabric used for Cobana series

SUNPROOF®, Ateja premium quality of outdoor fabric provides the exclusive solution for your comfort. It is produced with a series of technical data proving the high performance of the fabric against the natural weather (rain or shine) according to ASTM G53 - 96, American Standard.

ALL SUNPROOF® FABRIC HAVE PASSED THE STRINGENT TESTS ACCORDING TO BRITISH STANDARD AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS: Colorfastness to artificial weathering, colour fastness to rubbing, colour fastness to chlorinated pool water, colour fastness to seawater, water repellent, soil & stain repellent, antibacterial, anti-mildew and UV resistance.

SUNPROOF® is oeko-tex certified and 100% recyclable. As proof of our commitment to the environment, all our manufacturing facilities have been certified for their environmental - friendly quality - ISO 14001. Therefore, as a company that cares for the environment and produces reliable quality outdoor fabric, our products have been distributed worldwide. Currently, SUNPROOF® has been trusted as a quality outdoor fabric in Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA, just to name a few. SUNPROOF® provides you with an excellent choice for value, durability, and comfort.

Environmental Friendly

Woven from 100% solution dyed olefin yarn. SUNPROOF® has chosen to use the premium quality of Solution Dyed Olefin. Solution dyeing is a clean manufacturing process as the colour is added before the yarn is extruded. It is friendly to the environment because no dye bath processes are used, eliminating waste effluents, which may pollute air and water. SUNPROOF® fabric is 100% recyclable.

Excellent Weather ability

Resistant to UV damage and fading. SUNPROOF® applies excellent ultraviolet blocking agents which protect the polymer backbone of the fabric from the effect of UV radiation. Perfect for all Outdoor applications.
Therefore as an outdoor fabric, SUNPROOF® is proven to have a strong ability to withstand the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight, wind, rain, and humidity. It is long lasting.

Superb UV Protection

High UV protection rating. SUNPROOF® fabric has gone through the high quality of testing and evaluated by an internationally recognized research and service centre, the Hohenstein Institute, Germany.
Proven quality. SUNPROOF® has obtained UV standard 801 certificate -protect 80 means it is capable of blocking more than 97% UV Ray.

Easy Maintenance

Extreme stain resistant. SUNPROOF® fabric is carefully processed and has gone through a special treatment to reduce the fabric absorption of soil and stains. It keeps the fabric looking clean, fresh and new.
Water repellent: SUNPROOF® fabric is protected by an invisible shield around each of its fibre to keep the fabric dry and clean. It is a natural anti adhere.

If the chair has been out in the rain, we recommend placing it against the wall at the end, so that it does not stand on the bottom as the water then easily come out, thus drying the chair faster.

Clean your RETROit Cobana chair easily with a damp cloth, optionally add a little mild detergent. Although the cover on the chair is removable, we do not recommend you wash it as the handy stitches along the edge of the chair can damage machine washing. In addition, the water repellent treatment on the inside of the fabric can be less effective if the chair is washed.

Safe for Your Baby

SUNPROOF® is Oeko-Tex certified class 1. Oeko-Tex is the world’s leading eco-label for textile. Being Oeko-Tex certified class 1 means Ateja SUNPROOF® fabric are free of substances which might be harmful to humans and the environment. It is safe even for a baby.

Hygiene Protection

Safe for your health. SUNPROOF® fabric is specially treated with a sanitized product for hygiene protection. This product inhibits microbial developments and mould stains.

Outstanding Colour Fastness

Strong colour fastness to artificial weathering. Some fabrics if exposed to sunlight for an extended period will fade or lose their intensity of colour.

SUNPROOF®, therefore, ensure excellent quality of raw material is used. In accordance with British Standard CBS EN ISO 105-B04), for the colourfastness to artificial Weathering, SUNPROOF® fabric has been tested with the result of 7-8.