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TOUCHit On-ear & CARRYit

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The perfect match
With TOUCHit On-ear + CARRYit you get the perfect combination in beautiful Danish design.

TOUCHit are exclusive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Bluetooth headphones in Danish design with a battery life of up to 22 hours. Treat your ears to impressive sound and a fantastic fit. The ANC feature lets you enjoy the music and minimizes the noise around you.

CARRYit is designed to be the only headphone case you’ll ever need – room for everything a timeless Danish design

TOUCHit On-ear

  • Active Noise Cancellation headphones
  • Comfortable fit
  • On-headphone control
  • Battery life of up to 22 hours
  • ”Double Doughnut” Design
  • Handsfree telephony


  • Multifunctional case
  • Storage capacity
  • 9 pockets of various sizes
  • RFID-blocking technology

    Is TOUCHit good for flying or travelling?

    Yes they are! TOUCHit has active noise cancellation, so you can shut the noise out and let the music in.

    Does the ANC work when TOUCHit is off?

    Yes, ANC can be activated even if the product is turned off. Just enjoy the quiet.

    Can TOUCHit S be used with AUX even when there is no power on it?

    Yes absolutely - they are always ready :)

    Does the TOUCHit feel tight on the head?

    No, it doesn't. They are very comfortable to wear and you look good at the same time :)

    Which headphones is CARRYit suitable for?

    All of our headphones fit in CARRYit. With a 21 cm wide inner mesh pocket it's ensured that every headphone fits in the case.

    Do I have room for both TOUCHit and ROCKit headphones in CARRYit?

    Yes, you have plenty of space in our CARRYit so you can keep track of all your essentials.

    Can I charge my devices while they're in the bag?

    Yes, CARRYit, for example, has the perfect space for our CHARGEit, so throw the phone on top and it charges in the bag.

    What is RFID-blocking?

    RFID blocking is done via a layer of aluminum or carbon fiber that is impermeable to the hacker's skimming attempts.

      User manual TOUCHit On-ear

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      Danish Design
      Multifunctional case
      On-ear headphones

      Active Noise Cancellation

      TOUCHit headphones feature ANC and battery life of up to 22 hours so you can enjoy your favorite music on the go while minimizing the noise around you.

      Create the moment where you are 100% absorbed in the music and are not disturbed by what is going on around you. The ANC feature will become your new best friend when you get rid of the noise in the plane or at the gym.

      Comfortable fit

      TOUCHit are on-ear headphones that do not cover the entire ear. Therefore, you can wear them for hours without feeling too hot.

      An adjustable headband, flexible ear cups, and uniquely-designed earpads ensure that you get superb comfort and a flexible fit, which can be adapted just for you – amazing!

      Storage capacity

      The CARRYit hard shell multi-case is compatible with a wide assortment of headphones because of a 21 cm wide inner mesh pocket. With nine pockets of various sizes and a separate zipped pocket, you can organize all your essentials – even on the go.

      No more mess

      A stylish, removeable, PU-leather keyring is included, and it can easily be attached inside the case to make sure that you always know where your keys are. A handy, PU-leather cable organizer prevents your small cables from tangling and makes them easily accessible on the go.

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      Hanne V.

      Eminent as usual

      Majbritt N.

      Love love them. So nice to wear, super quality and the bag's so great and functional ❤❤❤


      Really great headphones ( Touchit) and they keep their promises. Good service and fast delivery.


      High quality and comfortable headphone, including a bag for storage! They are very comfortable to wear. I have also worn them on my runs, and they stayed where they were supposed to. The volume is full of power, and the battery lasts almost all day. Connection to Bluetooth is established quite quickly. When you need to bring them with you, you can carry them in the included, small cloth bag. It's smart and practical. Thanks to the smart packaging and the bag, they are also perfect as a gift.