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WOOFit Headphones are beautiful Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Bluetooth headphones in Danish design with a battery life of up to 12 hours. Treat your ears to impressive sound and a fantastic fit. The ANC feature lets you enjoy the music and minimizes the noise around you.

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Comfortable fit
  • On-headphone control
  • Handsfree telephony


            • PU leather
            • Aluminum

            Product specifications

            • ANC headphones
            • Bluetooth 4.0
            • Range: 10m
            • Battery: 290 mAh
            • Battery life: up to 12 hours
            • Driver Unit: Diameter 40mm
            • Dimensions: 165x185x70mm
            • Weight: 168g

            Box content

            • 1 pair of WOOFit Headphones
            • Quick start guide
            • USB charging cable
            • 5 mm audio cable (AUX)

            User manual

            Which headphones are suitable for me?

            When you're choosing a headphone, start by assessing whether you want an on-ear, over-ear or in-ear headphone. As the names suggest, the on-ear sits on the ear, with the over-ear encircling the entire ear and the in-ear sitting inside the ear. WOOFit Headphones are on-ear headphones.

            Are WOOFit Headphones on-ear headphones?

            Yes, they are. This means, among other things, that they don't get too hot to wear if you e.g. work out.

            Which devices can I connect to it?

            All devices with Bluetooth - everything from computer, mobile, ipad, etc.

            How do I connect WOOFit headphones?

            When the headphones are charged, press the Bluetooth button to turn on and continue to keep the button down until the LED flashes red/blue. You can then find the headphones on your device under Bluetooth.

            Can multiple devices be connected to the same headphone?

            You can use different devices for playback but not at the same time.

            Bluetooth: Why can't I connect?

            This may be because another device is already connected to the headphones. To disconnect a device, turn off the headphones by pressing the Bluetooth button. Then press and hold the Bluetooth button again until you hear an indication "beep" sound.

            Can I answer calls?

            Yes, you can. Simply press the Bluetooth button to answer calls. It's that simple.

            Are they good to wear when flying?

            Yes, they certainly are! The headphones have active noise cancellation so you can shut out the noise.

            User manual WOOFit Headphones

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                    Handsfree telephony
                    On-headphone control

                    Wireless freedom

                    Get rid of the annoying wire that gets stuck everywhere when you are on the go! The built-in battery gives you wireless headphones with up to 12 hours of music on a single charge - let the music flow and enjoy the freedom of being able to dance to your favorite song or go for a run. If you still run out of power, you can always connect the WOOFit Headphones to the cable and get unlimited listening time - smart!

                    Active Noise Cancellation

                    WOOFit Headphone feature ANC so you can enjoy your favorite music on the go while minimizing the noise around you. Create the moment where you are 100% absorbed in the music and are not disturbed by what is going on around you. The ANC feature will become your new best friend when you get rid of the noise in the plane or at the gym.

                    Comfortable fit

                    WOOFit Headphones are on-ear headphones that do not cover the entire ear. Therefore, you can wear them for hours without feeling too hot, and the headphones are, therefore, especially suitable for working out. An adjustable headband, flexible ear cups, and uniquely-designed earpads ensure that you get superb comfort and a flexible fit, which can be adapted just for you – amazing!

                    On-headphone controls

                    Turn up the audio when your favorite song is playing, jump to the next song, respond to calls – you can do all that on your WOOFit Headphones. With the interface on the headphones, it is not necessary to reach for your phone in your pocket – it is extremely easy!

                    Danish design

                    WOOFit is the result of a thorough Danish design which lasts for years when it comes to both style and functionality.When you hold WOOFit Headphones in your hands, it will be immediately appear that the materials and the design have been carefully chosen to provide your ears with comfort and luxury! WOOFit Headphones weight just 168 g, are super light, and you can easily bring them with you anywhere you go.

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