ROLLit Tray table with White Oak DRUMit Tray

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Use the table alone or add a beautiful wooden tray 
ROLLit tray table with black tray

The ROLLit tray table is a Danish designed multi-purpose piece of furniture suitable for every room of your home

How to use the table in your home is only limited by your imagination. Use ROLLit as a bar table, for storage of your kitchen- or office supplies, as a plant stand, or a bedside table. The simple Danish design makes sure, that the table has a light expression perfect for the minimalistic home.

The highly functionalistic design is the result of a collaboration between SACKit, and the Danish design duo Steffensen & Würtz. The top part of the table is adjustable, which makes it possible to fit the table to all of the SACKit trays. It is super easy to pick up the tray from the table, when serving a delicious treat for your guests. Choose a tray made from solid acacia wood, dark stained ash or white stained oak. The three types of wood will each bring very different looks to your home. Choose the one suitable for your personal style.

Tray table with MOVEit wifi speakerROLLit is made from solid metal pipes with a powder painted black surface for an exclusive matt look. The choice of material adds edge and personality to the design. The four wheels under the table gives ROLLit an exclusive touch, and makes it super easy to move it.

Revive your mini-bar, your table wear storage or ornaments with the ROLLit tray table.

Product specifications:

  • Manufactured from solid steel pipes
  • Matt powder pained surface
  • Adjustable diameter makes it possible to customize the size to any SACKit tray
  • Measurements: H633mm x Ø518-548mm
  • Weight: 3,5 kg