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The WOOFit Go speaker combines elegant Danish design and ultimate portability perfectly. 

WOOFit Go Bluetooth speaker 

Mono is great. Stereo is even better

The WOOFit Go speaker combines elegant Danish design and ultimate portability perfectly. Put it in your pocket and enjoy great sound at the park, the festival or on vacation. Let the music play wherever you are. The WOOFit Go speaker even allows you to play your favorite tunes by the poolside or in rainy weather – the speaker has a splash proof design, which makes it water repellent. 

Connect your Bluetooth device to WOOFit Go, and bring the wireless sound with you. Get an even greater sound experience, when you connect two WOOFit Go speakers into a stereo pair. WOOFit go is a mono speaker, but connect two – and they are turned into a stereo system with one right and one left speaker. Mono is great. Stereo is even better.

Customize your WOOFit Go! You can easily adjust the speaker to your personal style with the changeable fronts. Do you prefer an eye-catching color for the pool party, a stylish grey-tone for the Scandinavian home or a classic black? The choice is yours. It doesn’t get easier to create a personal look. 

   Great portable sound

You will not believe your own ears, the first time you hear WOOFit Go play! That much sound from such small speaker? Yes! WOOFit Go gives you great, compact sound.


Selvfølgelig har WOOFit Go indbygget batteri, så du kan tage den med dig overalt. Fyr op for musikken i op til 8 timer på en enkelt opladning.

 Portable Bluetooth speaker

No strings attached! WOOFit Go plays music wireless from all your Bluetooth-devices, allowing you to bring amazing sound everywhere. It does not get any easier. Throw it in your bag, and bring it to the beach-volley match in the park, to the barbeque on the beach or to the weekend trip for Berlin. 

   Splash proof 

Water splashes from the pool, summer rain, and steam from your hot shower is no challenge – WOOFit Go is water repellent.

   Stereo pairing

Mono is great. Stereo is even better. Connect two WOOFit Go speaker into a stereo pair for a wider sound experience. We guarantee, that you will be surprised by how much more sound you get with two WOOFit Go speakers. 

 Hands-free calling

Speak wireless with the WOOFit Go, while you are cooking or driving. You simply has to connect your phone with Bluetooth, the build in microphone will then ensure you great sound for speaking on the phone. 

   Changeable front  

What’s your color? Changing the look of your speaker does not get easier than this! Change the color of the front whenever you feel like a change – your tunes, your look! The front part of the speaker is coated with Xpress fabric from the Danish manufacturer Gabriel. Choose the changeable front in the color, that you love the most.  
Product specifications:​
  • Bluetooth 4.2 ensures a fast and stable connection between your device and the speaker
  • Bluetooth range up to 10 meters
  • Output power: 1x3W
  • 3.7V rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 950mAh (up to 8 hours of streaming)
  • Charged via the supplied micro USB cable
  • Water repellent speaker that resists water spray
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free telephony via WOOFit Go
  • LED indicator
  • Classical Danish design. Dimensions: 91 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 180g


It has a real-world 8hr battery life, room cramming sound projection and has the best looks and build of any compact portable speaker currently available. - From Slinky Studio.info
We love the honesty of the Scandinavian design: it’s what enables the SACKit WOOFit Go to be so utterly usable, grab-able and not to forget, hangable. Read review

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