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DAB+ radio and Bluetooth speaker 

DAB+ radio dusty blue frontThe multifunctional WOOFit DAB+ speaker gives you a 5-in-1 solution

You get Bluetooth, DAB+ Radio, FM radio, timer and clock radio all in one product. 

The best of it all is, that it’s combined in a beautiful and elegant speaker in Danish design. WOOFit DAB+ will give you great sound in your kitchen, bedroom, living room or on the road with its sleek design. You can use it as a portable speaker, or as an exclusive part of your home. Fully charged you have 5 hours of effortless portable music.

DAB+ DAB+ Digital Radio

Enjoy the newest radio technology and choose freely from a huge amount of radio channels in the best sound quality. By easily adjusting your favorite channels on the WOOFit DAB+ speaker, you will have all your favorite music ready by the press of a button.
WOOFit DAB+ display

fm signal FM Signal

Listen to radio on the conventional FM band. It’s simple to find and store the channels.

Bluetooth speaker Bluetooth Speaker

Easily change between listening to radio or playing your own music, podcasts or audiobooks wirelessly from your smartphone, tablet or computer by Bluetooth. WOOFit DAB+ gives you the freedom to choose.

portable Fixed or Portable use

No strings attached! WOOFit DAB+ plays music wirelessly from all your Bluetooth-devices, allowing you to bring amazing sound everywhere. Throw it in your bag and bring it to the beach-volley match in the park, to the barbeque on the beach or to the weekend trip for Berlin. Alternatively use it plugged in at home creating an exclusive feel and great everyday sound.

stereo pairing Stereo Pairing

Mono is great. Stereo is even better. Connect two WOOFit DAB+ speaker into a stereo pair for a wider sound experience. We guarantee, that you will be surprised by how much more sound you get with two WOOFit DAB+ speakers.

danish design Danish Design

WOOFit DAB+ is a beautiful and elegant speaker in Danish design. The speaker is small and compact, easy to move around at home or bring along for a trip. The front of the radio is covered with the lovely Xpress fabric from the Danish manufactory Gabriel.

clock radio alarm clock Clock Radio Alarm Clock

As you might already know, hearing the sound of your alarm clock isn’t the most pleasant of sounds. Improve your morning routine by waking up to your favorite radio station. WOOFit DAB+ can be set as an alarm clock waking you gently and getting you out of bed in great style. This is also beneficial as you can keep the mobile phone outside your bedroom and avoid unnecessary radiation. It’s possible to program the WOOFit DAB+ to only wake you on working days, and you can predetermine the amount of time, the music should play in the morning – smart!

sleep timer Sleep Timer

Fall asleep listening to your favorite music, the WOOFit DAB+ speaker has built-in sleep timer. Using this feature enables you to make the radio turn off automatically after a set interval.

Timer Timer

The WOOFit DAB+ speaker can be used as a timer in the kitchen when you cook. Never again forget to turn off the oven in time, because you are listening to music in the living room.

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EAN: 5711972004464

Product Specifikations:

  • Sound Output: 1x3W
  • DAB+, DAB, FM, Earphone output
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 2200mAh (up to 7 timers streaming)
  • Bluetooth v. 5
  • 1.8” 128x32 B&W Display
  • Size: 120 x 120 x 52mm
  • Weight: 400g

Box contents:

1 x WOOFit DAB+
1 x Quick start guide
1 x USB charging cable