RETROit Cura – The exclusive and sustainable lounge chair

RETROit Cura is a strong and sustainable choice. The Cura fabric from the Danish fabric manufacturer Gabriel, is made from 98% recycled polyester and it’s soft touch and beautiful colors makes it multifunctional. 

The RETROit Cura chair is made with half EPS spheres and half foam. ESP is 100% recyclable and it’s made of 98% air which sets a minimal impression on the environment, as the production process mainly uses hot water vapor and the excess heat is reused in the production or heating of the factory. 

The foam which RETROit Cura is filled with is production foam remains from our supplier BPI. BPI is a company that is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact through manufacturing, use and disposal.

The RETROit chair will give you the ultimate lounge experience! The chair is made of two different compartments to give you a stable and comfortable sitting experience. When you sit on one compartment, the other will press up against your bag and give you great support – clever!

The RETROit Cura has an exclusive leather handle on the back. The leather is best quality full anilin leather and has a beautiful dark shade.

The handmade stitching on the RETROit Cura is part of our design DNA. The handmade stitching makes every piece one of a kind – you get a unique piece of furniture when you purchase a RETROit Cura lounge chair. 

Dare yourself to care

RETROit Cura is made of recycled fabric from the Danish manufacturer Gabriel. Gabriel is 100% CO2 neutral. The Cura fabric is multifunctional which is both soft and colorful and produced of 98% recycled polyester. It takes around 7 bottles (for 2 liters) to produce 1 m2 Cura fabric. On top of that, the fabric is STANDARD 100 OEKO-tex certified. 

Functional Design

Forget all about shapeless beanbags floating around on the floor. This product is care-fully thought out Danish design that not only looks good and is comfortable to sit in, but also keeps its shape. Form and function combined in one!

Dimensionally Stable

On the inside the RETROit beanbag is built up by two separate bags stuck together with Velcro. When you sit in one, the other is automatically pressed up to support your back. Brilliant!


With RETROit Cura, and in general all our product range where our focus is on quality and durability, we want to inspire others to focus on the environment through, among other things, long-lasting and quality-conscious purchases.

RETROit is made for continuous use. The lounge chair will quickly become the family favorite spot and exactly therefore is all materials made of the very best quality – which will last for years; a strong polyester fabric, YKK zipper and dimensionally stable beads 100% toxic free filling. Go on and have a seat!

Handmade stitchings

The beautiful handmade stitching around the edges makes every piece unique. The string is made from linen and gives the design an edgy look. It's the SACKit DNA! 

The RETROit lounge chair comes in several different models – compare the models here

Product specifications 

  • Cura fabric: 98% recycled polyester, 100% recyclable polyester 
  • Filling: 50 foam and 50% EPS beads (100% toxic free)
  • Measures 96 x 80 x 70 cm (length x width x height)
  • Test result/Martindale: 100.000 Martindales
  • Lightfastness: grade 5-8
  • Oeko-Tex, 100% free of heavy metals 
  • Handmade linnen stitching 
  • Durable and water resistant nylon bottom 
  • Leather handle on the back

The handle on the back of the lounge chair is only a decorative piece. It is not intended for use when moving the chair around. We recommend that you grab the whole chair when you move it. Forceful jerking of the handle on the back of the chair can cause damage to the fabric.

Cleaning and care

Your RETROit Cura chair is cleaned easily with a damp cloth, optionally added a little mild detergent. Although the cover on the chair is removable, we do not recommend you wash it as the handy stitches along the edge of the chair can damage machine washing.

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