RETROit in exclusive leather

RETROit Dunes gives you the well-known comfort of the RETROit chair combined with a beautiful natural leather of the finest quality. RETROit Dunes is a lounge chair with unique Danish design that compliments your home with warmth and edgy details – nice!

The high-quality Dunes leather from the Danish manufacturer “Sørensen Leather” is a chrome-free natural leather with a soft touch and an edgy look. The nubuck effect is the result of a finely sanded surface and an oil treatment, which gives the leather a particular mat and raw look. It is a beautiful aniline leather where color differences and natural markings will appear to make every chair one of a kind.
RETROit Dunes is an amazingly comfortable lounge chair. Not only is the chair divided into two compartments to provide you with great support for your back – it’s also filled with fifty percent foam and 50 percent EPS pearls. This special mixture does not only provide you with great comfort – it also makes sure that the chair stays perfectly in shape. 

Invite stylish Danish design and beautiful leather into your home with RETROit Dunes! 

Functional Design

Forget all about shapeless beanbags floating around on the floor. This product is carefully thought out Danish design that not only looks good and is comfortable to sit in but also keeps its shape. Form and function combined in one!

Divided into compartments

On the inside, RETROit is built up by two individual bags stuck together with Velcro. When you sit on one, the other is automatically pressed up as support for your back. Brilliant!

Handmade stitching

The beautiful handmade stitching around the edges makes every piece unique. The string is made from linen and gives the design an edgy look. It's the SACKit DNA!

Product Specifications:

  • 100% Dunes leather from the Danish manufacturer ”Sørensen Læder”
  • Aniline leather with oil treatment
  • The Dunes leather har received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel
  • Filling: 50% foam and 50% EPS pearls (100% toxic free)
  • Measurements: 96 x 80 x 70 cm (Length x with x height)
  • We recommend that you protect the leather from:
    • Direct sunlight
    • Excessive heat
    • Sharp objects
    • Liquids
  • Please note: Difference in color and markings will appear as a natural part of the leather

Cleaning and care 

For regular cleaning and care, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth. For thorough cleaning please use a cloth added some mild soap. For polishing the leather, use a dry cloth. Never soak the leather or expose the chair to liquids. Please avoid all chemical products for cleaning the chair as this may damage the leather.

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