A Nice Multi-Functional Tray Table, That Does It All

SERVEit is a Danish designed tray table in beautiful matte black can be whatever you want it to

This amazing tray table from SACKit is stylish and can easily stand by itself - as a mini bar, for decorative things and much more. You can also put it together with the TRAYit tray, which is the made to fit SERVEit. TRAYitis a solid wood serving tray and comes in the 3 beautiful sorts: acacia, ash and oak. This allows you to give SERVEit the look that fits into your home. The matted frame provides a great contrast to the tray. 

See SERVEit here.

Combine with our beautiful furniture

If you want to go further, you can also use SERVEit together with one of our beautiful RETROit bean bag chairs. The neutral black color from the table makes it beautiful next to all our chairs, but we are particularly fond of the composition with RETROit Cobana White, due to the beautiful contrast the chair provides.Give your cozy corner the last touch 
You can also roll your SERVEit over next to one of our Nordic lounge chairs. Like SERVEit, Nordic is also designed by Steffensen & Würtz from Aalborg, so you know the style is the same: Simple, delicious and Nordic. This exclusive chair is available with frames in white oak or black beech with various upholstery in fabric and leather – so there is definitely a chair that suits your SERVEit and your home at the same time. 

See our lounge chairs right here

We love our lounge chair together with SERVEit, and here we think it stands tremendously beautiful with the chair with Sky Blue Remix 2 fabric fully upholstered on the black beech frame.