TRAYit – much more than a tray

You get much more than just a tray! You get a multifunctional product made from solid wood. The beautiful structure of the wood and the Nordic feel of the design gives the tray a classic look that fits the modern home perfectly. Bring the tray anywhere – the living room, the bedroom, the porch or the garden.

Use it as a serving tray or combine it with our series of RETROit Drums. TRAYit and the RETROit Drums complete each other and transforms into a beautiful piece of furniture with several functions.

Serving tray

Use the tray to serve tapas, fruit, coffee or delicious treats. The tray is easy to carry around, and the carvings on the lower edge makes it easy to pick up the tray from a tabletop or from the RETROit Drum. Breakfast in bed, afternoon coffee on the porch or tapas in the evening – TRAYit makes everything a pleasure!


TRAYit is much more than just a tray! Combine the tray with a RETROit Drum – and voila – you get a beautiful table. It’s perfect as a side table together with the RETROit beanbag or as a coffee table. There’s a beautiful synergy between the two products. When combined the beautiful handmade stitching appears under the carvings of the tray – it’s clever Danish design!

Tip: Use the tray as a tabletop together with a wire basket.

Fits perfect with SACKit Drum

TRAYit is a customized product that fits our series of RETROit Drums perfectly. Every single tray is carefully hand carved to ensure a perfect fit. The RETROit Drum and TRAYit complete each other when combined – you get a beautiful coffee table that can be used in the bedroom, the living room or beside the RETROit bean bag.

Solid wood

Solid wood is a part of nature and fulfills our striving towards giving you a product of high quality. TRAYit is crafted from solid wood which is incredibly durable and designed to last. Six individual pieces of handpicked wood make the wood structure of this tray unique.

Suitable for food

Serve with style. The tray is perfect for presenting appetizers. Ham, cheese, grapes and fruit – serve your guests an array of delicious treats! TRAYit offers convenient and stylish food presentation. Be creative.

Water resistant

TRAYit is treated with a protective lacquer coating to make it water resistant. Go ahead and place your ice-cold beverage on the tray – you don’t have to worry about water rings from the sweating glass. Bring the tray outside on the porch or to the garden for afternoon tea or dinner – but remember to bring the tray back inside after use.

Product specifications

  • Available in three different types of wood:
  • TRAYit, Acacia: 100% acacia wood
  • TRAYit, Dark stained ask: 100% ash wood
  • TRAYit, White stained oak: 100% oak wood
  • Treated with NC lacquer
  • Suitable for food
  • Weight:
  • Acacia: 1.6 kg
  • Dark stained ash: 2.2 kg
  • White stained oak: 2.8 kg 
  • Outer measurements: H: 5,2cm x D51cm
  • Inner measurements: D: 49cm (the tray fits all drums, wire baskets etc. with a diameter of maximum 49cm)
  • Please note: Every piece is unique, and the trays will vary in color and strucutre because it is made from wood
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