Win 5 MOVEit speakers

The winner is Christian, who has received an email - Congratulations :)

Win 5 MOVEit Wi-Fi & Bluetooth speakers - value 1.135 EUR

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Right now you can win 5 MOVEit Wi-Fi & Bluetooth speakers. The MOVEit speaker system makes it possible to listen to the same song all over the house when connecting multiple speakers. The sound is perfectly synchronized – just enjoy christmas musicineveryroom. Download the ”SACKit Player” app for your phone or tablet to control your music with just one touch.The speaker has a beautiful matte white color, and the front color “Dusty Blue” is always included as the standard color. Buy a changeablefrontseparatelyin the color that you love the most. Read more about the speaker right here.

When you participate in the competition, we will send you a gift card worth 25 EUR to the webshop, to use right away.

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