Ambience - Lamp Intelligent + Oslo base

Indoor lamp with base in oak

SKU: 600229

The Oslo Lamp Base is a base for Lamp Intelligent, which is the cornerstone of our Ambience Lamp series. The design is inspired by Scandinavian nature and is made from high-quality solid oak wood. Combine the Oslo base with Lamp Intelligent to create a gorgeous wireless lamp.

The cornerstone in the Ambience lamp series is a simple lamp, which can be placed in different specially designed lamp bases. Create a design that suits you and your needs. One lamp – endless possibilities. 

Create life and light with different looks, depending on which style and mood you desire. Simply place Lamp Intelligent in the base of your preference or move the lamp between different bases around your house and garden. The wireless lamp makes both easy and simple to create new styles for your home and garden.

Color: Smoked Oak
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