About SACKit

SACKit is Danish design that stands out in a crowd. We are creating multi-functional lifestyle products of high quality and exclusive Danish design. A SACKit product is a product that you can enjoy for years! We simply refuse to compromise the functionality and quality of our designs.

People often ask us “What’s the connection between speakers and bean bags?” To us the connection is obvious – we produce functional lifestyle products fit for the modern, active life. We don’t let ourselves be limited by one product category. We’re constantly working on meeting the consumers’ needs for relevant and functional lifestyle products.


At SACKit we base our work on the ultimate test of quality: We only sell products that we’d like to own ourselves! Therefore, we can always testify to the products’ quality, functionality, and design.

All materials have been carefully selected to give you functionality and aesthetics in your day-to-day life. We design lifestyle products for the living room, for the terrace, for the kids’ room, for the vacation, for the beach, for the dog – to put it simply, for the modern and active life. That’s why we make sure that the materials are of a high quality that can last for years.

Functionality and durability isn’t enough! Therefore, all SACKit products have a touch of beautiful Scandinavian design that matches the modern home. You’ll find hand-sewn stitches on our bean bags, giving the design a bit of an edge as well as making every chair unique. Our speakers feature clean lines and gorgeous metals – YES, electronics can actually sound AND look amazing!

Honest and Responsibility

At SACKit we acknowledge the consequences of our actions, and we take our responsibility very seriously. But we also acknowledge that sustainable and ethical progress takes time and hard work. We are by no means perfect, and like any other company in our industry we face ever-changing humanitarian and environmental challenges that will not be solved by a report or a fancy marketing campaign.

In our opinion, our biggest responsibility is to be open and honest about these challenges. And to recognize that what appears sustainable in one aspect might prove to be unsustainable in the bigger picture. Thus, we take a critical approach to CCSR and will continue to ask ourselves what we can do better – and recognize that there will always be room for improvement.

One of the ways in which we reduce our negative impact and support sustainability is by making durable, high-quality products with a high average lifespan.

Read more about our approach to responsibility here

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