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SPOOR Leather

We now use leather from SPOOR Leather for all our leather products, including dining chairs, bean bags and bar stools.

The leather is 100% traceable from the cow to the finished product. This means that the leather used in the product you buy can be traced through the entire process from the farm to the factory to your furniture.

Inspiration from Team SACKit

Dive into a world of aesthetics where our Scandinavian roots meet modern design. Whether it's our iconic lounge chairs, versatile tables or modern lamps, Team SACKit has managed to integrate them into their daily lives.

About us

SACKit is Danish design that stands out in a crowd. We are creating multi-functional lifestyle products of high quality and exclusive Danish design. A SACKit product is a product that you can enjoy for years! We simply refuse to compromise the functionality and quality of our designs.

At SACKit we base our work on the ultimate test of quality: We only sell products that we’d like to own ourselves! Therefore, we can always testify to the products’ quality, functionality, and design.

All materials have been carefully selected to give you functionality and aesthetics in your day-to-day life. We design lifestyle products for the living room, for the terrace, for the kids’ room, for the vacation, for the beach, for the dog – to put it simply, for the modern and active life. That’s why we make sure that the materials are of a high quality that can last for years.

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