SACKit can now be downloaded in pCon.

We are happy to announce that we are on pCon.planner. The 3D interior decoration program for experts. Here we have gathered 3D files of our furniture so they are ready to be added to your project so that you can design, draw, and build upon your SACKit ideas.

Do you work with 3D drawings and design? SACKit components and configurations are now online and ready to be drag-and-dropped from our pCon catalogue to your drawing.

In the pCon catalogue, you can also find product specifications, information on materials and much more. With pCon.planner you get access to SACKit components and preparatory configurations as well as the possibility to design along with us at SACKit, architects, retailers etc. The platform is easy and intuitive to use and has helpful features such as a 360¬į-unit view and quick file sharing.

You can find our components and configurations here: