Edge Dining Table - 240x100 cm

Indoor oak dining table

SKU: 8603064

An aesthetically stunning dining table made from European oak with gorgeous detailing and carefully crafted facets. The table's unique composition of natural wood introduces a touch of nature into your living space. These facets imbue the table with a distinct character, ever-evolving as they changes with the shifting daylight, lending a subtle dynamism to its design.

The Edge Dining Table embodies the essence of Danish design, a creation by the talented Bønnelycke MDD. Merging minimalism, functionality, and the distinctive elegance of Nordic aesthetics, SACKit has created a table that stands as a testament of timeless design.

This dining table is more than just great Danish design. The dining table is constructed in a sturdy build centred around a solid wood top core that guarantees unwavering stability. Enveloping this core are solid oak wood panels on all four sides, forming the foundation for the table's exquisite facets. The top and bottom surfaces are veneered with 0.9 mm oak, while beneath the tabletop lies a sturdy solid oak frame, reinforcing its strength and stability.

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