Christmas gift conditions and policy

Do you want to get the Christmas gift rush completed in good time or are you waiting until the last minute? At SACKit, we have extended both our exchange service and your right of return so that you shop this year’s gifts with peace of mind. You can also find out when you at the latest can order this year’s Christmas gifts in order for them to arrive before Christmas. 

Last chance to buy your Christmas gifts

Do you want to be certain that the gift has arrived before Christmas? Then remember to order it at the latest on the 16th of December before 10:00 AM – so that we can dispatch it in good time.

Extended right of return

Should you have the need to return an item, we have also extended our right of return. Items purchased from the 1st of November until Christmas can likewise be returned until the 31st of January.

Extended exchange service

Do you worry the gift is not the right color, model, or size? Then you can breathe a sigh of relief because all items purchased from the 1st of November until Christmas can be exchanged up until the 31st of January.

Christmas gift inspiration

Are you in need of some Christmas gift inspiration? We have collected a range of our products, which are perfect for gifts.
You can experience them here.