Edge Dining Table - 240x100 cm

Edge Dining Table - 240x100 cm

Indoor oak dining table

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Edge Dining Table - Extension Leaf

Edge Dining Table - Extension Leaf

Black stained oak veneer extension leaf

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Danish Design - Bønnelycke MDD

Edge Dining Table is a Danish design dining table, designed by Bønnelycke MDD. With their expertise and creativity, we have created a table that combines minimalism, functionality, and unique Nordic elegance. The streamlined and modern look, combined with the high quality and attention to detail, makes Edge Dining Table a timeless design.

European Oak Wood

The dining table is made of European oak, which with its beautiful natural wood structure brings a sense of nature into your home.

The surface is matte lacquered, which creates a smooth and silky feel while preserving the natural texture and color of the wood. The lacquer protects the wood from stains, scratches and general wear and tear, making the table resistant.

SACKit Edge Dining Table: The perfect oak dining table with European elegance.

Let the SACKit indoor dining table transform your interior design and add a touch of Scandinavian elegance to your home. Discover the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality and create a dining room that inspires cozy gatherings and unforgettable moments around your dining table. Give your home the oak dining table it deserves and let the SACKit Edge Dining Table be the star of your interior design.

At SACKit you can get several variants of our indoor dining table:

How do you treat an oak table?

The dining table is matte-lacquered, which eliminates the need for any further treatment. The matte lacquer creates a protective surface on the tabletop that effectively prevents stains, scratches and normal wear and tear.

How many people can sit at a dining table?

The Edge Dining Table from SACKit can be extended with a black stained oak extension leaf, where the texture of the wood is consistent with the dining table.

How can I style my indoor oak dining table?

You can create the perfect atmosphere around your indoor dining table by adding some SACKit accessories. For cozy lighting, you can decorate with the SACKit Ambience lamp series. Keep your drinks at the right temperature with an elegant wine cooler. And when it’s time for a festive evening with friends and family, provide the right music with the SACKit MOVE 150 Bluetooth speaker.

Indoor dining table set.

If you’re dreaming of creating a complete dining table set for your dining room, you’ve come to the right place! At SACKit, you can customize your own dining table set with the SACKit Chair no. One. With a range of design options, including the choice of chair legs and upholstery, you can create a chair that suits your unique style. Find home inspiration for your dining room and explore the many design options that our Chair. no. One has to offer.

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