Bio Lamp - Ø14

Bio Lamp - Ø14

Indoor/outdoor bioethanol lamp

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Patio Accessory Stand Ø14 + Bio Lamp

Patio Accessory Stand Ø14 + Bio Lamp

Indoor/outdoor bioethanol lamp with stand

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Bioethanol lamp from SACKit

Welcome your guests with the sight of a bioethanol fireplace from SACKit. The bio lamp can be used both indoors and outdoors and creates a very special atmosphere. Just like a fireplace, you get the feeling of an open fire, although the SACKit bio lamp is very safe due to its design and choice of materials.

A SACKit bio light can be used in several cool ways:

  • Indoor/Outdoor bio lamp
  • Tabletop fireplace
  • Bioethanol lamp with stand

What is a bioethanol fireplace?

A SACKit bio fireplace, or bioethanol lamp, is a small tabletop fireplace that is lit using bioethanol. When the bio lamp is lit, real flames appear - just like a regular fireplace. The main difference is that a regular fireplace requires a burner, while the bio fireplace simply creates flames through the bioethanol and the oxygen in the room. This eliminates ash, soot and the smell of smoke in your home.

Odor-free bioethanol lamp

With a bio lamp like the SACKit Bio Lamp, you can avoid the annoyance that soot and odors can be when it comes to open fires. The bio lamp is soot- and odor-free. The crucial element for an odor-free experience is the choice of bioethanol. Bioethanol is produced by the fermentation of plant material, so you never have to worry about toxic fumes when burning a biolamp. We recommend choosing bioethanol with 96-97% alcohol, as this results in the least odor, best effect and longest burn time.

How much heat does a bio fireplace provide?

The main reason to buy a bioethanol lamp is to decorate and create a cozy atmosphere. A bio fireplace gives off some heat, but not nearly enough to be the only source of heat. However, the advantage of the milder heat from a bio fireplace is that you can create the cozy atmosphere of a regular fireplace without the unbearable heat.