Chair no. One S1

Indoor dining chair

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Chair no. One S2

Indoor dining chair

From €899
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Chair no. One S2 Swivel - Black

Indoor dining chair

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Chair no. One S2 Swivel - Polished

Indoor dining chair

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Responsible design

Chair no. One is designed with sustainability in mind. Behind the chair's uncompromising design, the chair's shells are made from recycled plastic from industrial waste. Similarly, the chair's frame is made from 25% recycled steel and upholstered in Nordic traceable leather from SPOOR. The SPOOR leather is also tanned without the use of chrome, which reduces the environmental impact.

Chair no. One is upholstered in Europe, the frame made in Denmark and the leather tanned at the last Danish tannery, contributing to a responsible product.

Traceable, high-quality leather from SPOOR

Chair no. One is upholstered in Nordic traceable leather from SPOOR, which is known for its high quality and traceability, meaning that the leather can be traced back to individual animals, farms and farmers.

The traceability and documentation behind it is our guarantee that the leather is responsibly sourced and produced all the way from farm to finished leather.

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5-year warranty on furniture

For all furniture products, SACKit offers an extended standard 5-year warranty.

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Designed by Steffensen & Würtz

With a whole-hearted approach to design, Danish design duo Thomas Steffensen and Pia Würtz work to create distinctive, functional, and durable designs that are worth preserving for generations. The Danish design traditions shine through in the products, created with careful attention to quality - all in a way that makes sense both aesthetically and functionally.

Tables for Chair no. One

Dining tables

Dining Chairs in Danish design from SACKit

SACKit is known for uncompromising design, and our dining chairs are no exception. The dining room chair has been a long time in the making due to major and important focal points in the design process. The chair is designed with comfort, sustainability and a unique design in mind. Add personality to your home with dining chairs in a unique design that combines craftsmanship and high-quality materials.


At SACKit you can get dining chairs with many popular features:

  • Dining chairs with armrests
  • Dining room chairs in leather
  • Danish design dining chairs
  • Upholstered dining chair


Life is too short for bad comfort

When choosing a dining room chair, the design is most often the first thing you look at. Is the dining chair stylish? Does the dining chair have armrests? Is the dining chair upholstered? Does the dining chair match the dining table you already have? Of course, the design is important! That's also one of the reasons why it's taken us years to develop our dining chair. The other big reason, however, is the seating comfort and ergonomics of the chair. It has taken us many adjustments to be completely satisfied with the seating comfort of our dining chair, but now it's just the way we want it. The chair is designed with comfort and the body's natural position in mind. The soft shapes of the shell, the slight slope of the front and the flexible back combine to create a chair with amazing comfort that you can sit in all evening.


A sustainable dining chair

At SACKit, we take the time to reflect on sustainability and what it means to be a furniture brand today. That's why the SACKit dining chair is designed with sustainability in mind. The chair's shell, or foundation, is made from recycled plastic, which is basically industrial waste with UV stabilizer added. Therefore, 100 of our dining chairs can be shredded and recycled to make 100 new chairs. Interesting, right? The chair is even upholstered with SPOOR leather, which is fully traceable all the way back to the animal and the farm. This provides full transparency in the value chain through data and documentation and guarantees that the leather comes from responsible sources. To top it off, the chair is produced in Europe, contributing to sustainable and responsible manufacturing. So, the SACKit dining chair checks many of the important boxes when it comes to sustainability.


A unique two-shell design

The dining room chair is one of the chairs you will spend the most time in. Therefore, you need to choose a chair that you will be happy to look at and sit in. The design of the chair with its two shells is a rare sight. We, at SACKit, haven't seen a design like this before. This uniqueness gives the chair several edges and curves that contribute to a completely unique expression. The design in combination with the exclusive SPOOR leather upholstery makes the chair a statement piece in any home.