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Multifunctional clock radio with DAB+

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Multifunctional clock radio

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Clock Radio and Alarm Clock - SACKit

Struggling to get up in the morning, or are you just tired of your alarm clock? With WAKEit and WAKEit S you get an elegant multi-functional alarm clock with all the functions needed to give you the perfect start of your day. The WAKEit series functions both as a clock, radio, alarm clock, and speaker. You get an alarm clock with wake-up light that can play your favorite DAB radio every morning, so you can wake up in the best and gentlest way possible.

At SACKit we have a selection of radio- and digital alarm clocks:

Why choose SACKit?

Many people choose to use their phone instead of an alarm clock. But for those of us who wish to continue having a traditional alarm clock in our home, SACKit has designed an all-in-one solution for the bedroom! With the alarm clock from SACKit you get a digital alarm clock with Bluetooth, an alarm clock for kids, online FM-radio and much more!

Wireless Charging

After a good night’s sleep, your body won’t be the only thing getting recharged, your phone will be too! With the WAKEit series you can easily and effectively charge your phone completely wirelessly on top of the design. No more cables that are too short or get tangled at night. It can’t get any easier!

Alarm clock with light

Our WAKEit wakes you gradually with a gentle and natural light inspired by a sunrise, accompanied by music or idyllic nature sounds. The digital alarm clock is therefore a big part of giving you the perfect morning, making you feel more rested and less stressed in the morning. With the built-in DAB-radio and FM-radio, you can wake up every morning to your favorite channel, podcast, or one of WAKEit’s 3 nature sounds: bird song, frothy waves, or exotic jungle sounds.

How do I set an alarm clock?

WAKEit sets both time and date automatically, and it can also autoscan to find all radio stations. We’ve also though of the alarm clock’s display and wake-up light, which can be adjusted to 3 different levels, so it won’t bother you during the night. Easy!

The clock radio also works as a Bluetooth speaker; simply connect your phone, computer or tablet to the alarm clock and stream your favorite tunes easily and wirelessly.


With WAKEit you get the ideal start to the day and a solution that can work in the bedroom, kitchen, or office. The clock radio is designed in a stylish design, comes in 3 colors, and is equipped with the latest DAB+ radio technology, online FM radio, alarm function, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charging and digital alarm clock with display and adjustable light and wake-up light.


If you can live without the DAB radio, you get all the same great functions in WAKEit S, which has been outfitted with online FM-radio, alarm clock functions, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, and digital alarm clock with display and adjustable light, as well as a wake-up light. The Radio- and alarm clock has a stylish, clean design and black exterior that can fit into any home’s décor!

If you want an alarm clock, that can also function as a DAB radio, clock, alarm clock with light, radio with Bluetooth and – on top of all that – wireless charger, you now have the chance!