Save 30%

Nordic Sofa Table

Round coffee table in Danish design

€475 €679
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Save 34%

Serving Table w/ Serving Tray

Exclusive Tray Table with Tray

€339 €514
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Serving Table

Exclusive Tray Table

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Bundle: -12%
Indoor and outdoor

Cobana Pouf + Patio Serving Tray

Pouf and tray for indoor and outdoor use

€345 €394
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Find a patio table, bedside table, sofa table, or a balcony table at SACKit

Just like chairs and sofas belong in a well-made home, so does high quality tables. Are you looking for the sofa table, corner table, or a patio table for your coffee, snacks, or drinks? No matter what model and size you’re on the lookout for, you can find it at SACKit without compromising the quality materials and craftsmanship. We offer tables in oak wood, birch wood, steel, teak wood, and aluminum.

At SACKit we have a wide selection of different tables:

Tabletop and table frame in quality materials

Are you looking for a tabletop and frame in a sleek design and made of quality materials that are made to last for many years to come? All of our tables are designed in either solid oak or birch wood with tabletops of veneer. Additionally, our Serving table is made of steel and our Patio Sofa table of aluminum and teak. Therefore, you can be sure that you’re purchasing an extremely durable table.

Patio Sofa Table

Patio is our outdoor sofa table, made of strong and durable materials. The tabletop is made of aluminum and the shelf of teak wood. Additionally, it has a round cutout in the tabletop, which makes it possible to combine the round patio table with our outdoor accessories, such as our wine cooler. If you are aiming for a rustic indoor look, the patio table can naturally be used as a sofa table, balcony table, or lounge table.

Serving Table

SACKit Serving Table is our exclusive tray table in Danish Design, which works perfectly as a sofa table, bedside table, or bar table. The rolling tray table has wheels, so it has great synergy with our Serving Trays when you need to serve snacks, drinks or after-dinner coffee. The simple design is also ideal as a small bar table with wheels, for décor items, or kitchen accessories.

Tables in the SACKit Nordic series

Elegant tables in light oak and dark stained birch with a durable FENIX nano-laminate tabletop. The coffee tables and the side tables in the SACKit Nordic series have a sculptural and clean Scandinavian look. All tables are danish designs, designed in collaboration with the design duo Steffensen & Würtz from Aalborg, Denmark. You’ll find Nordic tables in different sizes, which all have the same visual expression so they match each other in your home. The frame has two lateral pieces of wood, creating an X between the table legs. The X is designed in a way that the frame’s visual expression changes, depending on which angle you’re looking at it from. Explore the many gorgeous details of the design.

Nordic Side Table

The Danish-designed Nordic Side Table works perfectly both as a nightstand, corner table or sofa table in solid wood. The materials have been carefully selected and the table is available in light oak wood, in a combination of light oak with nano-laminated tabletop, or in black birch with a nano-laminated tabletop. The table has a timeless design, which makes it fit into any room, and with its light weight of just below 5 kg, it can easily be moved as you see fit. Easy!

Nordic Sofa Table

Create a cozy and comforting environment with our Nordic Sofa Table. The Sofa table and the tabletop is available in oak wood and black birch, giving you the freedom to choose the one that is perfect for your living room. You get a round table in high quality materials that adds a finishing touch to your living room with its timeless design. Combine the sofa table and our Nordic Sofa Table into a sofa table set to create a modern and stylish look.