Bean bag chair

At SACKit we only sell products that we’d like to own ourselves – our beanbag chairs are definitely not an exception! They have a unique design as well as high comfort and you can even get a matching pouf, so you can really sit back and relax. We have both indoor and outdoor beanbag chairs. They all have a unique look, so that a SACKit beanbag chair suits any home.

At SACKit you can find a broad selection of bean bag chairs:

What is a beanbag chair?

At SACKit we have reinvented the classic beanbag chair. Forget about shapeless bean bag chairs that lie forgotten on the floor, creating a mess! Our version is a comfortable seat filled with ESP beads and/or foam, which both are 100% non-toxic. The filling makes it shape to your body and thus increases comfort. In our range you will find the well-known square beanbag, which invites to be playful, as well as the Lounge Chair with backrest, where you can buy a pouf and a serving tray, so that the pouf can be used as a side table, sofa table or nightstand. Both models are available as beanbag for children and beanbag for adults.

A design that holds its shape

The Lounge Chair with backrest is designed with focus on holding its shape even though it will be used a lot – because we know that you are going to love it! They are internally assembled of two individual inner bags linked together by Velcro. When you sit down on one of them, the other will be pushed up to support your back and provide higher comfort. Therefore, you can be sure of a SACKit Lounge Chair will keep its high comfort as well as the modern Danish design plus it will be a beautiful part of your interior design for years! You can complete your Lounge Chair with a pouf and one of the gorgeous SACKit Tables.

A durable beanbag chair

All our beanbag chairs are made to be used (again and again). You can use it as a beanbag chair for adults as well as a beanbag chair for kids. It will quickly become the family's favorite spot to sit. That is why it has been manufactured using materials of the highest quality that can hold up to everyday life. SACKit beanbag chairs have YKK zippers and hand-sewn cross-stitches along the bean bag chair's edge, which makes every product absolutely unique – That is the SACKit DNA!

Can a SACKit bean bag chair be used outside?

The short answer is: Yes, you can use a Cobana beanbag chair outdoors.
Our Cobana series can be used both indoor and outdoor, which makes it possible to decorate your house as well as your garden, patio, or lounge area with your
Cobana beanbag chairs and poufs. Are you having people over and need more seats in the garden? No problem! Bring your Cobana beanbag chairs out in your garden. Forgetting to bring them inside again? Still no problem! The Cobana series’ fabric is from SUNPROOF®, which is water-repellent and has a high UV protection rating. That’s why the Cobana series is perfect for the garden, patio, AND the house.  

Why can Cobana beanbag chairs be outdoors in all kinds of weather?

The SACKit Cobana beanbag chairs is upholstered with Cobana textile, which is made of the 100% synthetic Olefin material. This means, that it will not become moldy after being exposed to humidity, because no organisms can live in the fabric of our Cobana. Besides that, the Cobana textile has a lightfastness of 7-8, where 8 is the best on the lightfastness scale. The filling of the Cobana beanbag chairs consists of EPS beads, which makes the water run right through the bean bag chair. This way you will quickly get a dry seat again.

A beanbag chair for the everyday life

Do your children play in your furniture? Or is your SACKit beanbag chair just your favorite spot? Don’t worry. It can easily be used a lot – and still be a beautiful seat which holds its shape. Your SACKit furniture doesn’t have to stand untouched to preserve its exclusive look. It is furniture that will last for years! We simply refuse to compromise the functionality and quality of our designs.


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Cover 100% olefin fiber 100% olefin fiber Canvas fabric: 95% polyester, 5% cotton Cura fabric: 98% recycled polyester, 100% recyclable Pplyester Medley fabric: 100% recycable polyester 100% Nordic Swan Eco-labelled Dunes leather from the Danish company, Sørensen Leather
Filling 100% EPS beads 100% EPS beads 100% EPS beads 50% foam and 50% EPS beads 50% foam and 50% EPS beads 50% foam 50% EPS beads
Dimensions (LxWxH) 96 x 80 x 70 cm 82 x 65 x 65 cm 96 x 80 x 70 cm 96 x 80 x 70 cm 96 x 80 x 70 cm 96 x 80 x 70 cm
Seat height 40 cm 35 cm 40 cm 40 cm 40 cm 40 cm
For outdoor use Yes
Water repellent Yes