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Wireless Charger in elegant design

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Wireless Dual Charger

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Wireless Charger and Powerbank

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Wireless Charger

Are you tired of wasting way too much energy by untangling wires when you want to charge your smartphone? With a wireless charger from SACKit, it will become easy and convenient to charge your smartphone whenever you want to. The beautiful design of the wireless chargers from SACKit makes it easy to make it a part of your interior design. We only sell products that we’d like to own ourselves – our wireless charger is on this list too. Easy and fast charging? – YES please!

At SACKit you can get a big selection of wireless chargers:

  • Wireless QI charger
  • Wireless mobile phone charger with power bank
  • Sustainable wireless charger
  • Standing wireless charger
  • Wireless charging station for two devices

A wireless charger for any situation

Make your wireless charger from SACKit an efficient part of your everyday life. Are you using most of your day in an office, and always need your phone at hand? The standing charging station from SACKit is perfect for your worktable because your phone will stand upright, so that you can always see the screen on your phone - you can even easily use your phone while charging. As opposed to the upright charging station is the lying wireless charger combined with power bank – perfect for on-the-go-charging. Is the family always fighting over the chargers in the house? SACKit solved the problem by creating a wireless charger which can charge for two devices at once – genius!

A Danish designed wireless charger

A Qi wireless charger form SACKit stands out by actually adorning your home with its exclusive design and quality materials. You get a sleek diamond cut aluminum frame, and a front, covered with fabric from the Danish manufacturer KVADRAT. The X reflects SACKit’s design DNA and marks the spot where you place your phone to charge.

How does a wireless charger function?

A wireless charger from SACKit charges your phone quickly and wirelessly. It is a wireless charger for iPhone and a wireless charger for Samsung – this goes for all devices that supports wireless charging (except for smart watches). CHARGEit is Qi certified and has 10W fast charge. Qi is a universal wireless charging standard, which ensures a safe and stable wireless charging. Just place your phone on the X – your wireless Qi charger will do the rest.

What does Qi-charging mean?

Qi is a beacon that indicates whether your device and your wireless charger are compatible. Both your devices and your wireless charger must be Qi-certified to ensure that your device can be charges wirelessly. All the wireless chargers from SACKit are Qi-certified, which means they are testes on hundreds of exciting products. This ensures that it is compatible with other Qi-certified products. All smartphones are not compatible with wireless charging. The SACKit wireless chargers is compatible with all Qi certified smartphones. See a list here.

Note: Our wireless chargers are not compatible with smartwatches.

A sustainable wireless charger

A Qi wireless charger form the SACKit Care series is a sustainable version of a wireless charger. It is covered with Revive fabric from the Danish manufacturer KVADRAT, which is made from 100% reused plastic bottles. The fabric is produced in the same area as the product, meaning that unnecessary shipping is minimized.

A wireless Qi charger for every home

At SACKit you can get a wireless charger in multiple beautiful colors, allowing you to match your charger to your home and personal style. Place your wireless charger on one of the beautiful SACKit tables or trays. The wireless charger is also the perfect gift for a good friend – perhaps the one who is always running out of battery?