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Kirra Table

Outdoor Sofa Table

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Patio Sofa Table - Ø70

Outdoor Aluminum Sofa Table

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Patio Sofa Table - 113x70

Outdoor Aluminum Sofa Table

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Accessory Fit

The concept of Accessory Fit is both innovative and simple. Our accessories come in two sizes, Ø14 and Ø22, which are designed to fit perfectly in our various stands and cut-outs in outdoor tables. This way, your accessories are multifunctional elements that give you many options for customising your interior design.

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Stylish and timeless outdoor coffee tables from SACKit

Whether you want an outdoor coffee table for the patio, a coffee table for the garden or a coffee table for the balcony, our outdoor coffee tables will add style and functionality to your outdoor lounge. An outdoor coffee table from SACKit can be styled with comfortable and stylish outdoor seating furniture, which together create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and coziness.

At SACKit you'll find timeless outdoor coffee tables:

  • Square outdoor coffee table
  • Round outdoor coffee table
  • Wooden outdoor coffee table
  • Outdoor coffee table in aluminum
  • Outdoor coffee table in multifunctional design

Coffee table in wood and aluminum

Dreaming of an outdoor coffee table that will bring joy for years to come? When it comes to timeless classics, there's one material that's often used: wood. SACKit's outdoor coffee table is a coffee table made of powder-coated aluminum with a teak wood base.

Both wood and aluminum are high-quality materials that contribute to an outdoor coffee table from SACKit being resilient and looking great for many years.

Which coffee table should you choose?

If you value functionality and the ability to add accessories, SACKit's functional outdoor coffee table with accessory fit is the obvious choice for you. With this outdoor coffee table, you can easily add and place different accessory products to suit your style and needs. An outdoor coffee table with accessory fit gives you the flexibility to create a personalized and unique outdoor lounge, whether you want to decorate it with a lamp, wine cooler or potted plant.

If you prefer a more simple and classic look, our outdoor coffee table with a standard table top is a great choice. This outdoor coffee table offers a minimalist style that fits perfectly with any outdoor decor.

Whichever outdoor coffee table you choose, you can be sure to get a high-quality outdoor coffee table that matches your preferences and needs.

How high should a coffee table be?

The height of a coffee table can vary. In general, a coffee table typically has a height between 40 and 50 centimeters. The String Table is 22 cm. High, Patio - a square outdoor coffee table from SACKit is 47 cm. where the round Patio outdoor coffee table is 47 cm. high. This height is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic experience where the outdoor coffee table is at an appropriate height for the seating around it. It's important to choose an outdoor coffee table at a height that suits your personal preference and the overall design of your outdoor lounge.

How can you protect your outdoor coffee table?

Extend the life of your outdoor coffee table with SACKit's customized protective covers. Protective covers from SACKit are made from a durable material that is both water and windproof. You can therefore safely store your outdoor coffee table outdoors all year round without worrying about damage or lack of space. Our covers are designed to fit our outdoor coffee tables perfectly and provide effective protection against the elements. With a SACKit protective cover, you can enjoy your outdoor coffee table for years to come.