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Patio Serving Tray

Multi-functional serving tray

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Serving Tray

Multi-functional serving tray

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The stylish serving trays from SACKit are a must-have in any home. A SACKit tray is yet another one of our multi-functional products. You can place it, use it, and decorate it with your favorite trinkets, in a way that fits perfectly in any room in your house – including outdoor spaces. Just like the rest of our assortment, each tray is a product that we here at SACKit would love to own ourselves – that has got to be the ultimate test of quality!

At SACKit you can find a tray for any situation:

  • Serving tray
  • Wooden tray
  • Round tray
  • Outdoor tray
  • Tray for a tray table

All the functions of SACKit serving trays

The elegant serving trays from SACKit has multiple functions each. You can use your serving tray for breakfast in bed or for a tapas arrangement. Or use it to create a high-end look by using it as the surface and base of your favorite trinkets, for example on your dining table or on the floor. Each serving tray is round. The round shape not only gives it a more elegant and finished look, but they are also specially made to fit perfectly on top of our round poufs. With this combination you can create a multi-functional side table, sofa table or bedside table – smart! If you prefer a more streamlined look, you can combine all of our serving trays with our SACKit Serving Table without issue. This gives you an indoor side table, sofa table or bed side table with an edge.

Quality materials

At SACKit we only offer you a wooden serving tray – specifically solid wood, which gives you a very stable product. Depending on which tray you’re looking at, we use four types of wood – oak, ash acacia and teak. The wooden indoor serving trays are treated with a matte coating, making them water-repellant – so you can place ice-col drinks on it without worrying about marks from the condensation – smart! The outdoor tray is made in untreated wood. This gives you two possibilities: treating it with wood treatments/oil to keep the new look, or let it be as it is, letting it develop a rawer look with time.

Outdoor serving tray and tray table

Our Patio Serving Tray is designed to withstand wind and weather. Therefore, it is the perfect round serving tray for outdoor use. Serve cold drinks on a hot and sunny summers day or serve a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate on an autumns day without worrying that you have to remember to bring the tray back inside – nice! If you want to treat yourself and your guests to something special in your outdoor space, you can place Patio Serving Tray on top of the Cobana Pouf to create a multi-functional outdoor tray table. Out Cobana Pouf can also stay outside in all kinds of wind and weather. Do you wanna go all-in on the perfect outdoor comfort with the outdoor table? – then you also need to get your hands on the matching Cobana Lounge Chairs! With a Cobana Lounge Chair on each side of the tray table, you’re all set for long conversations and good drinks on the terrace – during spring, summer, and autumn!