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Patio Serving Tray

Multi-functional serving tray

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Outdoor trays from SACKit

An outdoor tray can be used for many purposes. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use it as a serving tray when you receive guests or want to treat your partner to breakfast in bed. You can also use it as a solid base for your outdoor lounge furniture so you have a place for your coffee and phone. With an outdoor wooden tray, the possibilities are endless.

A SACKit outdoor tray can be used for multiple purposes:

Serving table with removable tray

The SACKit trays are ideal as a tray on a serving table. They are designed to fit like a glove on our serving tables. You can place the tray on the serving tray in the kitchen and lift everything together onto the rolling table where your guests can enjoy their meal. This way you can impress your guests and still serve in peace.

A tray made from beautiful solid wood

Our round outdoor tray is made of solid wood, giving you a very sturdy and durable tray. The tray consists of several pieces of wood with small gaps between them, making it ideal for outdoor use where rain cannot collect on the tray.

How to care for your wooden garden furniture

Teak is a hard-wearing material that can be left untreated outdoors all year round. The natural appearance of teak outdoor trays provides a beautiful and vibrant look that will change over time if left untreated. The color of the tray gradually changes to a beautiful grayish patina after prolonged exposure to sunlight and weather. If you prefer the original golden color of the tray and the wood, you can treat your teak tray with teak oil, which will bring back a beautiful warm color. Regardless of whether you let your wooden tray develop its natural patina or whether you oil it, teak is extremely durable and can be left outside all year round.