SACKit lamps

Extend the light in the late-night hours in summer or light up the dark winter months with the SACKit Light series - A series of battery-powered lamps in sleek danish design with a nautical touch. The lamps set the mood with ambient lighting and create light moments. Moments that light up our daily life and become magical.

The SACKit Light lamps are made with durable materials, are Ip67 water- and dustproof, has a long autonomy, and adjustable brightness.

You can use the lamps wherever you want - both inside and outside. In sunshine or in rain. On land or in water. Whether you're having a picnic in spring, winter bathing in below 0 degrees, having a game night on the patio, or creating safety in the kids' room. Choose whether you want to hang it, using the rope, or if you want to place it decoratively on the patio, in the grass, or on the floor.