Outdoor modular sofa


At SACKit we only sell products that we’d like to own ourselves – it also applies to our Cobana Lounge Sofa! Our outdoor sofa is the perfect gathering point at any patio. Create an outdoor space around it! Are you a small family of only 2 people? Or do you want a big lounge set, where you can gather your whole family or all your friends? The outdoor lounge sofa from SACKit is modular, and therefore you can adjust the sofa for your needs and outdoor areas.

At SACKit you can create your own lounge sofa with:

Stylish Danish design

It is the design, functionality and comfort of the Cobana Lounge Sofa that makes it special. The simple but exclusive design of our sofa makes it suitable for any style of interior, gardens and homes. The stable design gives the sofa the perfect depth, height and comfort when you’re sitting – or lying – in it. It is available in four classic colors and fits perfectly with SACKit’s other outdoor furniture from the Cobana-series.

A quality outdoor lounge sofa

The SACKit Cobana Lounge Sofa is made only form quality materials. It is built around an aluminum frame with Quick Dry foam and durable Cobana fabric. The aluminum frame is stainless and powder-coated, which gives it an exclusive look without the worries about rust. With Quick Dry foam as the filling, the sofa will quickly be ready to use after a rainy day – because the foam dries really quickly. You don’t even have to worry about the sun. The Cobana sofa gets top grades on the lightfastness scale, which ensures that it won’t be affected by sunlight and that the color won’t fade.

Create your own outdoor sofa

The Cobana Lounge Sofa series consists of a seat section, a corner section, a pouf, an armrest, a side table and cushions. You can mix and match exactly how you like it. A 2-person sofa for a romantic night under the stars? Or a corner sofa for the whole family? – everything is possible! Load it with Cobana cushions for extra comfort – nice! If you combine it with the Cobana Lounge Chair & PoufPatio Sofa Table and many other SACKit Outdoor Accessories, you can even create a complete and exclusive lounge set.

Can a SACKit Cobana Lounge Sofa be used outdoors?

You can easily use your Cobana Lounge Sofa outdoors! There is no reason to worry about the weather conditions because it is made from durable materials, which is waterproof as well as dirtproof and the frame can’t ever rust. Therefore, it can be left outside all year round, so you don’t have to struggle with moving back and forth when the seasons change. Therefore, you can leave it outside and enjoy the chill autumn days with a blanket and hot cocoa in your Cobana lounge set.

Is the Cobana Lounge Sofa waterproof?

Sure, you got it! At SACKit we simply refuse to compromise the functionality and quality of our designs. The Cobana Lounge Sofa is the ultimate garden sofa, which is water- and dirt repellent. The Cobana fabric is made with 100% synthetic Olefin, which prevents it from molding in moist environments, while the Quick Dry Foam in the sofa ensures that it dries fast again.