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Outdoor SUMMER DEAL Incl. Cover

Cobana Hammock + Winter Cover

Outdoor hammock incl. waterproof cover

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Cobana Hammock

Outdoor hammock in the durable Cobana fabric

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Hammock Winter Cover

Waterproof cover for SACKit Cobana Hammock

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Hammock Bag

Storage Bag For SACKit Cobana Hammock

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Cobana Hammock Frame

Cobana Hammock Frame

Outdoor Hammock Frame

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Cobana Hammock Fabric

Outdoor Hammock Fabric

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The hammock with stand from SACKit is indispensable to have on the patio or in the garden on warm summer days. The Cobana Hammock invites to relaxation and fun in the sun with your favorite book and an ice-cold drink. Lie down and enjoy the comfort of you Cobana Hammock, which is a part of the popular Outdoor Series.

At SACKit you will find:

Well thought-out Danish design

Our Cobana Hamock is another product, which we at SACKit, are very excited of – and there is a good reason why. Our hammock is very well thought-out. Two ergonomically shaped metal wires have been sewn into the hammock, making sure that it keeps its shape – smart! The Cobana Hommock does therefore have a fantastic comfort, and it is the best hammock to chill in – in our opinion. Of course, SACKit’s DNA is evident on our hammock with stand. There are beautiful hand-sewn stitches along the edge, which gives the design an edge and a raw look. If you want to make it extra cozy, you can decorate the area around the hammock with SACKit Outdoor Accessories – what about a wine cooler with stand? Then you don’t have to get up whenever you feel like having a cold drink - genius!

A quality hammock

SACKit’s Cobana Hammock with stand is made from durable materials, which makes it able to be used outside without concerns. The Cobana fabric is water repellent because of a coating on the inside, which ensures that water can’t get through. The fabric is made in the 100% synthetic Olefin-material, which does not mold in humidity. The Cobana Series is actually made in a synthetic material that doesn’t fade in sunlight. The Cobana fabric has a lightfastness of 7-8, where 8 is the best on the lightfastness scale. The stand for your hammock is made of high-quality and stable aluminum. The stand won’t ever rust, so you can safely let the stand stay outside – even in the worst weather possible!

Why pick a hammock with stand?

With you Cobana Hammock with stand has it become easy and convenient to move the hammock anywhere. With the light weight of the stand at only 13,7 kg, you can easily move your hammock with stand from one favorite spot to another. Catch the sunbeams or move to the shade; no matter what, you’re guaranteed to relax wherever you wish.

How to hang up a SACKit hammock

We recommend that you hang your Cobana Hammock on a Cobana Hammock Frame – this way you will get the ultimate comfort. Besides the ultimate comfort, these two parts combined gives you an exclusive looking hammock as well. With the stand you are even able to move the hammock around your garden. Get a Cobana Hammock and a Cobana Hammock Stand – you won’t regret it!

How to maintain your hammock

The SACKit hammock is designed with durable materials, which means it can be used outside in all kinds of weather. But this also means that it might get dirty. If the hammock needs to be cleaned, we recommend using a cloth with soapy water. This is a gentle way of cleaning, and it won’t harm your hammock or your hammock stand. The same applies to the hammock cover – the cover does not withstand machine washing.

Protect your hammock

You can use your hammock outdoors – and leave it outside even if it rains. If you want to make sure, that you won’t get your butt wet, when you lie down in your hammock, you might want to get the SACKit Hammock Cover. This cover protects your hammock against all kinds of weather. The Cover is specially made for the SACKit Cobana Hammock and frame, which means that it is easy to put on and take off. Is it outside of the hammock season? Get a Hammock Bag and store your Cobana hammock and frame together in one single bag. The Hammock Bag contains three rooms: one for the frame, one for the hammock, and a small room for the SACKit Hammock Cover – smart!