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Waterproof outdoor speaker

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Move 50 Care

Move 50 Care

Dual-sided speaker for outdoor and indoor use

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Go 250

Bluetooth speaker with wireless charging

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Go Wood

Rechargeable Bluetooth speaker in wood

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Move 150

Bluetooth speaker

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Move Wood

Stylish and elegant Bluetooth speaker

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Go 300

Go 300

Portable radio and Bluetooth speaker

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Go 300 S Care

Go 300 S Care

Portable radio and Bluetooth speaker

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Boom 150

High power portable designer speaker

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Multifunctional clock radio

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Save 40%
With DAB


Multifunctional clock radio with DAB+

€83 €139
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Move 150 Front

Front for the Move 150 and MOVEit-series

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Go Front

Front for the Go series speakers

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At SACKit we only sell products that we’d like to own ourselves – and our speakers are certainly no exception! Our speakers have a stylish, sleek design and are perfect for all needs. We a selection of both big and small speakers in our assortment so you can listen to great music on the go or at home in your living room.


At SACKit you can find a wide array of speakers:

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • SACKit speaker
  • Waterproof speaker
  • Outdoor speaker
  • Speaker for iPhone
  • Wireless speaker

Bring the music with you everywhere!

At SACKit we have designed speakers in exclusive materials that fit any possible need. Throw a Go 250 or Move 50 Care into your bag and get great sound in a small and light design, or get the party started with a Boom 150, which can get the backyard party or the festival going.

How does your speakers work?

All of our speakers give you the possibility for wireless music through Bluetooth on your phone, tablet, or computer. Additionally, some of our speakers, such as Boom 150 and Go 250, be connected to make a stereopair, creating an even greater sound experience. Our WOOFit Go and its built-in microphone is also ideal for talking on the phone while you’re cooking or driving.

Can your speakers be used outdoors?

The short answer is: Yes, our speakers can easily be used outdoors. Our Boom 150 is a powerful speaker and has an exclusive and sleek design. The speaker is wireless and weighs less than 5 kg so you can easily bring it with you outside at the festival, backyard party, or the beach. SACKit Play is a waterproof speaker and can be left outside all year round in all weather conditions. Our Go 250 is also water-repellent, which is why you don’t need to worry about spontaneous rain or splashes from the water at the beach.

How does one charge your speakers?

All of our speakers can be charged with the included micro-USB cable and can afterwards play completely wirelessly, since they are battery-powered. Some of our speakers can play up to 12 hours on a single charge. If you need a new adapter for your Boom 150 or Move 150 speaker, you can always order new ones on our website under the Cables & Connectors tab.


Can your speakers be used with a TV?

Yes, our Move 150 can easily be used as a Sound Bar for your TV. Simply connect your Move 150 to your TV through Bluetooth or cable and get an extraordinarily good sound experience. The removable front of the speaker is covered with fabric from the Danish manufacturers Gabriel and Kvadrat – so you get thorough Danish design, which can fit into any home’s interior design.


Do your speakers have Bluetooth?

All of our speakers can be connected wirelessly to your phone, computer, or tablet through Bluetooth. It’s never been easier to turn on the music on the go, at dinner, or while cooking. Connect two Go 250  speakers for fantastic stereo sound – even greater sound in the same sleek design!

Connect two Boom 150 speakers with the TWS function through Bluetooth and get the party started with the stereo function. You can also connect two Boom 150 speakers with an AUX cable.