Nordic Bar Stool - Oak with stitches

Bar Stool in Danish Design

Customize Exclusive cross stitches
Color: Ultra Brandy

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Take a seat. Feel the comfort. Run your hands down the soft leather and the smooth wood. Enjoy the beautiful details. The SACKit Nordic Bar Stool is far more than just a piece of furniture. It is Danish design, giving your home an exclusive touch with the best quality materials. The stool is perfect for open plan kitchens or in the bar.

  • Solid oak
  • Functional and timeless Danish design
  • Exclusive leather


          • Solid oak treated with matt lacquer
          • Upholstery: Dunes or Ultra leather from Sørensen Leather
          • Footrest in black lacquered metal
          • Seat: Oak veneer

          Product specifications

          • Height: 68 cm or 73 cm
          • Width: 46 cm
          • Depth: 33.5 cm
          • Weight: approx. 6.5 kg

          Partially upholstered model: The details of the cross stitching should, naturally, match the leather. As a result, the "Brandy"-coloured chair has light stitches, while the chair in "Black" has dark stitches.

          Note: Since the bar stool is made of a natural material, each frame will be unique. The wood will naturally vary in colour and the texture. Knots can occur as a natural part of the wood.

          Care and cleaning

          The frame is easy to clean with a damp cloth, if necessary with a little detergent. Be careful not to expose the wood to large amounts of water or chemical-containing detergents as this may damage it.

          Which height should I choose?

          We recommend the bar stool in height 68cm for tables up to 99cm and anything above this we recommend the bar stool with a height 73cm

          Are all bar stools the same?

          No, the chairs are unique as the wood is made of American oak.

          Which leather should I choose?

          The Dunes leather is unique and gets a patinated look over time and is soft to the touch. Ultra is very uniform in the leather and is easy to maintain.

          How do I clean the bar stool?

          If you have a Dunes bar stool, we recommend that you clean it with a vacuum cleaner or soft brush. The ultra bar stool has to be cleaned with a damp cloth. It's important not to use cleaning agents as this damages the leather.

          Is there a chair with a backrest?

          No, the bar stool is designed so that you sit comfortably without a backrest

          How is the wood treated?

          The wood is treated with matt varnish, so maintenance is super easy

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              Solid wood
              Quality leather
              Cross stitches

              Careful craftsmanship

              Once your fingers have touched the SACKit Nordic Bar Stool, you will be left with no illusions about the quality of the craftsmanship. Though the wood has been worked with machines, every single piece of furniture has been in the hands of a craftsman and finished by hand. The light-hued oak is treated with a matt lacquer, which accentuates the wood's fine structure and light colour. The treatment makes the frame very resistant to stains and dirt.The chair's footrest is made of metal but is almost a natural extension of the wood. The footrest is mounted without visible screws, so the design retains the smooth and sleek surfaces. The craftsmanship that has gone into the production process is very complicated, but we have been 100% uncompromising in the design to give your home a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and functional.

              The right height

              The Nordic Bar Stool is available in two different heights - 68 cm and 73 cm.The height of the 68 cm variant of the bar stool is perfect for standard height kitchen islands and tables, which is between 85-95 cm off the floor.The 73 cm bar stool variant is perfect for all tables over 95 cm, such as high tables or bar tables.

              The leather

              The SACKit bar stool is available in two different types of leather: Dunes and Ultra leather. Choose the leather that best suits you and your style.The expression of the Dunes leather will evolve over the years. Over time, Dunes leather will develop a natural patina, just like we do. Dunes have a velvety soft surface, which is sure to give your decor an incredibly exclusive look. Choose between the two colours, "Cognac" or "Anthrazite".The Ultra leather will provide a chair with a classic leather look that will last for years. Ultra leather is extremely resistant, and the durable surface will keep its beauty for its entire lifespan. This type of leather is easy to maintain as it is both water and dirt repellent - with a quick wipe of the chair, any stains will be removed.

              It's all about the details

              The Nordic Bar Stool is available with two different types of seat, each of which boasts gorgeous details.The fully upholstered seamless model has leather covering the entire seat, creating beautiful soft curves that allow you to fully appreciate the soft natural material.The partially upholstered model has an incredibly beautifully seamed edge, displaying the wooden surface of the seat, allowing you to appreciate the timber's beauty and unique structure. On the partially upholstered model, you will find the characteristic SACKit cross stitching along the edge of the chair - it’s all about the details.

              Gorgeous oak

              The Nordic bar stool in oak has the most beautiful details in its simple, Scandinavian designEnjoy the beautiful, natural timber structure of the light-hued oak. When you choose a chair in a natural material such as wood, you are choosing a unique piece of furniture with its very own character. Feast your eyes on the beautiful natural details and finesse of the design. Enjoy the frame's gorgeous, smooth surfaces with no visible screws.

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