Your guide to finding the right bar stool

The SACKit Nordic bar stool is much more than just a piece of furniture.
The stool’s Danish design and the best quality materials make it a classy addition to your home.

The experience begins when your eyes first meet and explore the chair's many details.

The SACKit bar stool is made for the life we live today - it's designed for your everyday life now and forever.
It is the perfect bar stool for those who prefer designer furniture that lasts for years without going out of fashion.

It is important, therefore, that you find the right one.

People all come in different colours and heights, and so do our bar stools - so don't you worry, we'll find the bar stool that fits both you and your home perfectly.

Table and bar stool heights

Our bar stools come in two different heights: 68cm and 73cm.

Looking for a bar stool to match your kitchen worktop or island? The 68 cm bar stool is the most popular choice. The height of a kitchen worktop is typically around 95 cm, which means that you will have a good space between the seat of the stool and the worktop - a good seating height.

Are you looking for a bar stool to fit your bar? Then our 73 cm height stool is the one that we recommend. A bar table is typically 105cm in height.

In every case, give or take 5cm, there should be 30 cm between the table top and the seat of the stool.

Your style – your bar stool

Our bar stools come in many different designs, which can sometimes leave you spoilt for choice. We are confident, however, that there is one to suit all tastes, so you should always be able to find the perfect match for you and your home.

Specially selected materials and meticulous craftsmanship

When you have a SACKit Nordic bar stool in your hands, you can clearly feel the exquisite craftsmanship. Even though the wood is processed by machines, each piece of furniture has been in the hands of a cabinetmaker, where, following the wood processing, it has been crafted by hand. The beech wood is treated with a black varnish, which results in a cool finish to the stool. This treatment makes the frame very resistant to stains and dirt.

The footrest is made of metal, but is integrated into the design to feel like a natural extension of the wood. The footrest is mounted without the use of visible screws, so the design retains a smooth and beautiful surface. This process is, in terms of craftsmanship, very complex, but we have been 100% uncompromising in our design, so that your home boasts a piece of furniture that is both beautiful and functional.


The SACKit bar stool is available in two variations: black beech wood and light oak. Both are treated with a varnish, which results in a beautiful finish to the chair.

The frame in black lacquered beech wood gives both a classic and raw touch to your décor. It is an elegant, tasteful and well sculptured bar stool, and the exclusive black frame will grace any home.

When you choose the bar stool with the frame in light oak, you will enjoy the natural beauty of the wood’s grain, that gives you a unique piece of furniture with its own characteristics.


There are several different choices of seat for the SACKit bar stool. This variation gives you the opportunity to find a bar stool that either stands out against your interior or blends in. Whatever your choice, it will be your style and your bar stool!

Choose the bar stool that fits your life and your style.

The bar stool is available with two different types of seat: fully upholstered or semi-upholstered. The semi-upholstered seat has an incredibly beautiful edge and underside, so that you can enjoy the beautiful oak and its unique woodgrain. On the fully-upholstered model, you will find our characteristic SACKit cross-stitching along the edge of the chair – It's all about the detail.



A chair in Dunes leather will change over the years. Dunes leather will develop a natural patina, just as we do. Dunes has a velvety surface, which results in an attractive and exclusive look to your décor. Choose between "Cognac" or "Anthracite" colours.


Ultra leather will give you a chair with a classic leather look that lasts for years. Ultra leather is extremely resilient and the durable finish will remain beautiful throughout its life. This type of leather is super-easy to maintain, since it is both water and stain resistant. The chair is easily wiped down to remove any stains. Choose between "Brandy" or "Black" colours.

Tips for maintenance of bar stool seat

The leather we use for the seat of the bar stool is a finished product and therefore care products are not required before using the bar stool. Our best advice for maintaining the leather on the bar stool is to vacuum often with a soft brush to clean the dirt from the leather. Avoid using sharp objects and detergents on the leather, and keep the leather out of direct sunlight.