Find the perfect barstool

Our Nordic barstool is more than just a barstool. It's Danish design that adds an exclusive Nordic touch and high quality to your home or workplace.

This barstool is crafted for life, designed to fit both your present and your future, even a decade from now. Made from quality materials that can withstand the demands of everyday use, it's meant to accompany you through life's journey. Because this barstool is designed to be your lifelong companion, it's essential that you discover the ideal one. That's why we've created this guide to assist you in making the right choice.

Just as we all come in different colors and heights, our barstools come in various combinations, ensuring you'll find the barstool that suits you and your home perfectly.

Your style - your barstool

Our bar stools are available in many different styles and the many possible combinations of height, leather, upholstery and frame make it possible to find the perfect match!

When you get your hands on the SACKit Nordic bar stool, you can clearly feel the meticulous craftsmanship. Although the wood is prepared on machines, each bar stool has been in the hands of a furniture maker, where it has been finished by hand. The chair's footrest is made from metal but acts as a natural extension of the wood. The footrest is mounted without the use of visible screws, so the design retains the smooth and sleek surfaces.

How tall should a barstool be?

The Nordic bar stools are available in two different heights: 68 cm and 73 cm.

If you're looking for a bar stool for your kitchen table or island, we typically find that our barstools with a height of 68 cm are the best fit. This is because the height of a kitchen table is often around 95 cm, leaving a gap of 27 cm between the bar stool and the table, which is a suitable seat height.

If you're looking for a bar stool that fits a bar or bar table, we recommend our barstool with a height of 73 cm. Bar tables typically have a height of 105 cm.

As a rule of thumb, there should be around 30 cm between the top of the tabletop and the seat height, plus/minus 5 cm.

Which frame should you choose?

The Nordic barstools are available in two different frames: black lacquered beech wood and light oak. Both types of frames are treated with matt lacquer, which makes the frame extremely resistant to stains and grime.

The frame with black lacquered beech wood gives both a classic and edgy look to your interior design. The black frame creates an elegant, tasteful bar stool that matches any home and style. Combine the black frame with one of the black leathers for a clean look or create an eye-catching contrast with one of the brown leathers.

The oak frame shows off the beautiful, natural wood texture and gives your home a natural, Scandinavian look. Whether you choose to combine the wood with black or brown leather, you'll get a unique piece of furniture with its own characteristics.

Partially upholstered or fully upholstered?

There are two different seats available for our barstools: a fully upholstered seat and a partially upholstered seat. The variants allow you to choose the seat that best suits your interior design.

The fully upholstered model is covered in leather all the way to the edge, highlighting the high-quality leather from SPOOR. With this model, you get a classic look that is both subtle and attractive.

The partially upholstered seat has a nice edge and underside where you can enjoy the beautiful wood. On this model, you'll also find our distinctive cross stitching along the edge of the seat, creating a unique and remarkable design.

Choose the right leather

You can choose between two different types of leather, Terra and Luna, from Danish SPOOR. The leather is responsibly produced and 100% traceable. Read more about SPOOR leather here.

Luna leather is tanned without chrome and patinates beautifully and naturally over the years. The patination gives you a chair with a distinctive and unique look. With its velvety soft surface, Luna exudes quality.

Terra leather has a classic and timeless look that retains the same look over time. This leather type has an extremely durable surface that is soft and has a natural grain that highlights and emphasizes the naturalness and uniqueness of the leather. This leather type is very durable and easy to maintain.

How to maintain leather?

The leather on the bar stool is a finished product and therefore no care products are needed before using the bar stool. Our best advice for maintaining the leather on the bar stool is to vacuum frequently with a soft brush to remove dirt from the leather. Avoid using sharp objects, detergents, and direct sunlight on the leather altogether.