SPOOR Leather

SPOOR Collection is quality leather from Scan-Hide, Denmark's last tannery. The leather is 100% traceable from the cow to the finished product. This means that the leather used in the product you buy can be traced through the entire process from the farm to the factory to your dining chair.

SPOOR ensures complete transparency by only sourcing raw hides directly from slaughterhouses that buy the cattle directly from the farmers who raise the animals. Therefore, you can be sure where the leather comes from.

In addition, SPOOR guarantees that the leather comes from Northern European raw hides, as they only buy from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Therefore, you are also guaranteed that the cattle have lived under some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

How does SPOOR traceability work?

When SPOOR receives traceable hides from the slaughterhouses at their tannery in Vester Skerninge, Denmark, they imprint each hide with a reference back to the animal's unique ear tag. This ensures full traceability of each piece of leather back to the animal and the farm. The technology makes it possible to ensure traceability until the finished leather is upholstered on our chairs.

Focus on sustainability

With increasing demands for sustainability from customers who want to know what they are buying, SPOOR makes it possible to make a conscious and informed choice.

All SPOOR rawhides are by-products of the food industry. This means that no animals are slaughtered for their skins. The rawhides used for SPOOR leather would be a waste material from meat and dairy production but have instead been upcycled into the highest quality leather.

When you choose a product with traceable leather, you can also rest assured that the leather is produced responsibly and transparently, and that the entire process is well documented.

Animal welfare ensures good quality

Leather quality depends on good animal welfare and craftsmanship.

The leather journey starts on the farm. Here, respect for animals and nature is crucial for SPOOR to produce the highest quality leather, ensuring you a beautiful piece of furniture that will stay beautiful for years. After that, the quality of the craftsmanship at the slaughterhouse and tanneries is crucial for high quality.

All SPOOR suppliers therefore meet both EU requirements and the globally recognized Five Freedoms (defined by the Farm Animal Welfare Council). The fact that the cattle have lived a good life - with proper feed and care, sufficient space, comfortable facilities, and no use of barbed wire - is reflected in their hides.

Products with SPOOR leather