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Give your pet luxury inside and outside! 

Give your pet luxury inside and outside!

Give your pet and your home exclusive and luxurious Danish design. The stylish DOGit Cobana is made from the durable and beautiful Cobana fabric, which is both water resistant and fast to light. Now your pet doesn’t need to lay on the ground when you enjoy the sun outside on the beach or the terrace – DOGit Cobana is luxury for your dog everywhere!

The beautiful cross-stitches around the edges are handmade from linen thread. The handmade stitching makes every piece unique – you are sure to get a product that is one of a kind when you purchase the DOGit Cobana! The bottom of the dog bed has non-slip coating to make sure that the dog bed does not slide around when your pet is getting comfortable.

DOGit Cobana in this size is suitable for tiny teacup dogs or cats. The dog bed measures 120*80*15cm.


RETROit is made for continuous use. All materials are of the very best quality – a surface of hard wearing canvas, a strong polyester undersurface, YKK zipper anddimensionally stable beads filling. Go on and have a seat!

 Indoor & Outdoor

Inside? Outside? You decide! Make it your favorite spot in the sun on summer days. During stormy nights and rainy days it will make the perfect lounge furniture in front of the fire place. Use it in the living room, on the children's room, in the garden, and on the terrace - MOVEit!

 Water resistant

There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. RETROit Outdoor is made of the synthetic material olefin which is water-resistantand cannot get attacked by mildew. So chillax and enjoy the fresh air!

 Fast to light

Oh, the sun is so strong today! Luckily, this product is made of a syntheticmaterial very fast to light which means that it will not fade in the sun. But you stillneed to remember your own sun lotion!

 Handmade stitching

The beautiful handmade stitching around the edges makes every piece unique. The string is made from linen and gives the design an edgy look. It's the SACKit DNA!

EAN: 5711972000923

Product specifications

  • 100 % olefin fiber
  • Filling: EPS beads (100% toxic free).
  • Measures 120 x 80 x 15 cm.
  • Test result / Martindale: 20.000 rubs
  • Light fastness: grade 7-8
  • Water repellency: grade 90
  • Seperate innerbag 
  • Non-slip bottom

Cleaning and care

The DOGit Cobana pad is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, optionally added a little mild detergent. Although the cover on the chair is removable, we do not recommend you wash it as the handy stitches along the edges of the pillow can damage machine washing. In addition, the water repellent treatment on the inside of the fabric can be less effective if the chair is washed.
For daily cleaning, we recommend vacuuming the pad.