Bio Lamp - Ø14

Bio Lamp - Ø14

Indoor/outdoor bioethanol lamp

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Patio Accessory Stand Ø14 + Bio Lamp

Patio Accessory Stand Ø14 + Bio Lamp

Indoor/outdoor bioethanol lamp with stand

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Patio Accessory Stand Ø14 + Oil Lamp

Indoor/outdoor Accessory Stand and Oil Lamp

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Biolamps and Oil Lamps from SACKit

SACKit oil lamps and biolamps are more than just lighting - they are the essence of coziness and atmosphere in any room. With their simple and elegant design, SACKit oil lamps and biolamps add warmth and charm to any room, creating a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The oil lamps, with their beautiful glass vessels and soothing flame, add a touch of romance and luxury to any environment, while the biolamps, with their innovative burner technology, create a pleasant and natural light source without smoke or odor. Whether it's for a relaxing evening at home or to create the perfect atmosphere for a cozy gathering with friends and family, SACKit oil lamps and biolamps are the ultimate solution for creating an atmosphere filled with warmth, light and well-being.

A SACKit bio lamp and oil lamp can be used in several cool ways:

  • Indoor/outdoor bio lamp
  • Table fireplace
  • Bioethanol lamp with stand
  • Oil lamps indoors
  • Outdoor oil lamps

What is a bio fireplace?

A SACKit bio fireplace, or bioethanol lamp, is a small tabletop fireplace that is lit using bioethanol. When the bio-lamp is lit, real flames appear - just like a regular fireplace. The main difference is that a regular fireplace requires a burner, while the bio fireplace simply creates flames through the bioethanol and oxygen in the room. This eliminates ash, soot and the smell of smoke in your home.

Odorless bioethanol lamp

With a bio lamp like the SACKit Bio Lamp, you can avoid the annoyance that soot and odors can be when it comes to open fires. The bio lamp is soot- and odor-free. The crucial element for an odor-free experience is the choice of bioethanol. Bioethanol is produced by the fermentation of plant material, so you never have to worry about toxic fumes when burning a biolamp. We recommend choosing bioethanol with 96-97% alcohol, as this results in the least odor, best output and longest burn time.

What is an oil lamp?

An oil lamp is a traditional light source that uses oil as fuel to produce light. An oil lamp from SACKit typically consists of an oil container, a wick and a burner. Once the wick is soaked in oil and lit, it burns slowly and evenly, creating a gentle and soothing glow.

How much heat does a bio fireplace and oil lamp provide?

The main reason to buy a bioethanol lamp is to decorate and create a cozy atmosphere. A bio fireplace gives off a small amount of heat, but nowhere near enough to be the only source of heat. However, the advantage of the milder heat from a bio fireplace is that you can create the cozy atmosphere of a regular fireplace without getting unbearably hot. An oil lamp gives off more heat than a biolamp.