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Indoor and outdoor

Cobana Pouf + Patio Serving Tray

Pouf and tray for indoor and outdoor use

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Indoor and outdoor

Cobana Pouf

Pouf for indoor and outdoor use

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Indoor and outdoor

Cobana Junior Pouf

Child-sized pouf for indoor and outdoor use

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Indoor and outdoor

Cobana Square Pouf

Pouf for indoor and outdoor use

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Cobana Pouf Cover

Cobana Pouf Cover

Waterproof cover for Cobana Pouf

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Outdoor Pouf - SACKit

Do you need a buddy for your coffee table? At SACKit we have the perfect pouf that can be your footrest after a long day of work or whenever your body needs a little rest and relaxation! You can bring our Cobana pouf outside with you, whenever the weather is nice and warm and bring it back inside as an extra seat during the colder winter months. If you have enough seats, and instead need a table, the pouf can be combined with a matching tray, which results in a charming tray table for your living room. Move it around as needed, outdoors as well as indoors.

At SACKit we have a large selection of poufs:

  • Pouf for coffee table
  • Footrest
  • Drum
  • Foot support
  • SACKit pouf
  • Black pouf, grey pouf, blue pouf, white pouf
  • Outdoor pouf

How do you make a pouf?

At SACKit we have focused on design and functionality in the production of our poufs. This way, you get a furniture that you will love for many years to come! The footrest has a stable shape, so your feet don’t sink down into the floor, as soon as put them up. The footrest is filled with EPS beads and/or foam, which is 100% free of chemicals. It shapes itself after your feet and body so you can both use it as a seat, a footrest, a tray table, and a pouf – all in one piece of furniture!

Can SACKit poufs be used outside?

You bet! Our Cobana series can both be used indoors and outdoors, which is why you can use it both in front of the fireplace or by your armchair in winter and outside, next to your Cobana Hammock or on the patio in the summer. The poufs are also ideal as a small stool, so if you’re missing a couple of seats for your backyard party, you can easily use them as a comfortable seat or combine them with a tray to place a pack of beers. Complete the pouf with a Cobana Lounge Chair and decorate your lounge area with both functionality and high-quality!

Multi-functional footrest

With a pouf from SACKit you get more than one piece of furniture, you actually get multiple in one. How, you ask? Of course, it’s obvious to use our pouf in the living room, so if you bought a pouf for your couch or armchair, you can use it as a footrest. But even though you bought it as a footrest, you should remember that you always have the option to create an extra seat or an extra coffee table. We have a large selection and a matching lounge chair, so you can also get a stylish and matching set for your living room. The pouf can be used as a small pouf, round pouf, or tray table outdoors as well as indoors. So if you are missing a tray table for the drinks in the garden, you have the option with a tray table from SACKit. Additionally, the pouf from SACKit is also water-repellant and dirt-repellant, so you don’t have to worry about spontaneous rain.

The perfect pouf for the garden and daily use

Our poufs are, just like our Lounge Chairs, very stable and durable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the dog, the kids, and the shoes on your Cobana Pouf, since it’s designed to be used (a lot!). The pouf is, because of the textile of 100% synthetic Olefin, super durable, and won’t get moldy when exposed to moisture or fade because of the sun. The pouf will only be grey instead of black, if you bought a grey one from the beginning. Smart! Bring it outside, enjoy it, and use it. This stylish piece of furniture works anywhere, and you will enjoy it for years.