We use the term "Accessory Fit" on many of our products, but what does it actually mean?

Whether you prefer the minimalist style of Ø14 or the more eye-catching look of Ø22, our Accessory Fit concept allows you to create exactly the interior design that suits your personality and needs. You can mix and match products in the same size.

Explore our range of accessories, get inspired by the mix and match possibilities and create an interior that suits you perfectly.

The concept of Accessory Fit is actually both innovative and simple. Our accessories come in two sizes, Ø14 and Ø22, which are designed to fit perfectly in our various stands and cut-outs in outdoor tables. This way, your accessories are multifunctional elements that give you many options for customising your interior design.

Ø14 Accessory Fit

Ø14 Accessory Fit is the smallest of our Accessory Fits. It is designed to make it easy to change the style and function of your interior design - both on the patio and indoors.

Several of our accessories are designed to work with the Accessory Fit Ø14, including the Light 150, Wine Cooler, Bio Lamp and Oil Lamp.

You can therefore use these accessories on all tables with a cut-out for Accessory Fit and our Patio Accessory Stand Ø14.


Ø22 Accessory Fit

Ø22 is the largest size Accessory Fit and is designed to be more eye-catching than Ø14. The Ø22 series includes a low Patio Accessory Stand that can be used with either Light 250 or Wine Bucket.

The Ø22 series is ideal for giving your interior a more maximalist look without compromising on functionality.

Mix & Match

Whether you choose Ø14 or Ø22, you can be sure that our accessories are designed with quality and function in mind.

Mix and match the different accessories on our different stands or tables to create your own personalised style.