Guide for taking care of your garden furniture during winter

Proper storage or your garden furniture is important to keep your outdoor furniture looking great for many years.

Outdoor furniture from SACKit is designed to be left outside all year around, but if you want to take extra care of your outdoor furniture, this is a guide for you on how to best care for it during the winter.

Should I take my outdoor furniture inside duringwinter?

Furniture that is made to stay outside all year around, can, as the phrase mentions, stay outside all year around – also during the winter. However, storing your outdoor furniture correctly can save you a lot of time when spring arrives.

As a general rule your garden furniture is always best stored indoors, somewhere cool and dry. That way, you can easily retrieve your outdoor furniture without having to worry about cleaning and maintenance when it’s time to put your bean bag chair og lounge set out on the patio again.

Be aware, however, that wooden furniture does not benefit from wintering in heated rooms, as this can dry out the wood due to low humidity. Therefore, we recommend storing them in a shed, garage or on a covered patio. If your storage area is at risk of flooding, you can raise the furniture by for example putting them on pallets, ensuring that your furniture doesn’t get soaked.

Winter covers for your garden furniture

If you don’t have the option of storing your outdoor furniture in a shed or garage, SACKit offers a Winter Cover, which is an outdoor furniture cover made of a windproof and waterproof material. It is also stretchy, so it can easily be taken off and put on again. By using a cover, such as Winter Cover, for your garden furniture you also save time on spring cleaning and you can therefore get out and enjoy the spring weather right away – easy and practical!

Choose a dry day when the furniture is completely dry before using the cover for your furniture. We also recommend brushing visible dirt and grime off your furniture before you put it away for the winter. Pay particular attention to removing bird droppings, as these can leave stains.

How do I clean my outdoor furniture?

We recommend cleaning your fabric furniture with SACKit Textile Cleaner for the best results. Easily and effortlessly remove all kinds of stains in just 2 minutes. Whether it’s coffee stains or bird droppings – SACKit Textile Cleaner is your savior!

This applies to all our outdoor fabric furniture!

The SACKit bean bag chair fabric is removeable but avoid putting it in the washing machine or dryer as the hand-stitched stitching along the edges of the chair can be damaged by machine washing or drying.

Do you have any questions?

If this guide has left you with any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on the chat or on phone +45 39 39 29 39.