“We see too many brands use sustainability as a tool to sell more products. We would rather sell one product with a high lifespan than sell 100 products that people only buy because it’s labeled ‘sustainable’”.

Peter Terkelsen
CEO & Owner, SACKit

Made to last

We believe that one of the ways in which we can reduce our negative impact and support sustainability is by making durable, high-quality products with a high average life span. You will never see us give in to the latest fashion fad. Instead we adhere to a simple design philosophy that allows us to create functional and long-lasting products:

High-quality materials
Quality starts with material choice. We are very picky about all our materials, from wood and textiles to technology, and we only choose the ones that we know to be solid and durable.

Timeless design
We always keep our designs simple and classic. Not just because we love the minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic but because we know that simplicity lasts longer. We want to make products that don’t go out of style so that our customers will want to keep them for many years.

Sustainable innovation

We consider it our obligation to constantly rethink the way we use materials and design our products. Together with our suppliers and partners we are in the process of exploring more sustainable alternatives to some of our designs and processes as a way to reduce our footprint. There is still a long way to go, but we are proud to introduce some of our bestsellers in special editions that in each their way support sustainable development.

Dare Yourself To Care

CHARGEit Care series

We are proud to present a range of wireless chargers made with thought on the environment and with a collaboration with the environmental organization Plastic Change. Plastic Change are working to break the exponential growth of plastic pollution on a global scale, and CHARGEit Care is our way of supporting this important cause. Through each sale of the products in the collection we donate 25 Euro cents to Plastic Change.

25 Euro cents to the enviornmental organization Plastic Change every time a product from the CHARGEit Care series is sold.

The CHARGEit Care series is covered in fabric made of 100% reused plastic bottles, and packaging is 100% plastic free.

Packaging in the CHARGEit Care series is made without Plastic and of FSC® certified cardboard.

Less packaging is more

When it comes to packaging, we adhere to the principle that less is more – even if “less” means less visually appealing. That means we choose materials with care and always use as little packaging as possible.

We use as little plastic in our packaging as possible, and many of our products now come entirely without plastic. We are working towards only using 100 % recycled plastic if any plastic used.

Paper and cardboard
When it comes to paper and cardboard we strive to always find the most sustainable option. In some cases this means using 100 % FSC® certified paper, which means that the material comes from FSC ®-approved and well-managed forests. In other cases we choose to re-use cardboard from our warehouse, for instance when re-shipping a product that has been repaired.

“We constantly look into new ways of designing our packaging, and what is the most sustainable solution for one product might not be the most sustainable solution for another product. It’s not always straightforward, and we always ask ourselves if there is a better way to do things”

Marketing Director, SACKit

FSC® Certified

The majority of SACKit's wood products are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council®, FSC-C190311), furthering responsible product production. All our FSC®-certified products come from well-managed forests that practice responsible forestry, including ensuring that no more wood is logged than the forest can reproduce, while ensuring that lumber workers have the right safety equipment and fair wages as well as other controlled sources.

FSC®-certification is your, and our, reassurance of responsible forestry that safeguards nature as well as the people who work in it and depend on it.

Reducing waste

As a manufacturer of electronics we adhere to the Danish Producer Responsibility System, which means that we live up to a set of standards that administer producers’ handling of electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. In addition we are committed to reducing waste in general and promoting reuse whenever possible.

Handling e-waste with GreenMind
In order to reduce our electronic waste we have teamed with GreenMind, who specialize in prolonging the service life of electronic equipment. All defect electronic parts are sent to GreenMind, who repair and then resell them in their own shop with a three-year warranty.

Resale of demo products
We strive to never discard products and to always find a home for used or damaged goods. As an example we sell all demo products used at trade shows e.g. at a lower price on days like Black Friday. This way we can promote reuse and minimize our waste-related footprint.

Optimizing freight practices

With an international supply chain and customers all over the world, we transport a large amount of goods across long distances. We recognize that international freight transportation is a major contributor to air pollution, which is why we are continuously assessing our freight process and working on ways to reduce emissions related to transportation.

During 2020 we worked together with Danish Transport Optimization in order to streamline transportation throughout our entire supply chain. This includes minimizing air freight, implementing new transport procedures, and minimizing box and order sizes.

“I wish we could say that we are in total control of everything that happens throughout our entire supply chain, but that’s just not the reality. It’s not enough to give suppliers a code of conduct and then expect everything to be peachy keen. We are aware of that, and we will continue to work on improving transparency and push our suppliers to do better”.

Peter Terkelsen
CEO & Owner of SACKit