CHILLit Cobana Hammock

CHILLit all day long. The CHILLit Cobana hammock invites you to a supreme relaxing experience in the sun this summer. Enjoy exquisite Danish design and best quality materials.

MOVEit Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Multi-room speaker system for the modern home with changeable fronts. MOVEit will impress you with amazing sound and complete wireless freedom. Connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and enjoy great sound.

MOVEit Bluetooth

Great sound and gorgeous design for your home – or on the go. Connect easily via Bluetooth and enjoy spectacular sound – wirelessly of course! Change the color as you wish with the changeable fronts, your tunes, your look.

MOVEit Front

Changeable front for your MOVEit speaker. Change the color of your speaker whenever you fancy a new look. The exclusive covers are available in 9 different colors.

RETROit Cobana

The comfortable RETROit Cobana chair is for indoor and outdoor use. The Cobana fabric is water resistant and durable. You get unique design and great functionality combined.

RETROit Canvas

RETROit Canvas has a unique retro design and is available in many colors. Unlike a conventional bean bag you will never have to shape it with your hands!

RETROit Medley

RETROit Medley is a luxurious, high-end lounge chair. The RETROit Medley chair fits the modern home perfectly with its beautiful shape and colors.

RETROit Dunes

Get the comfortable RETROit chair in exclusive Dunes leather. Add an exclusive touch to your interior décor with the warm tones of the cognac-colored leather. This is the chair for anyone who loves high quality and stylish Danish design.


Multi-functional handcrafted tray produced in solid wood. Use TRAYit as a beautiful all-purpose serving tray, or combine it with a SACKit drum to create a functional table – it’s perfect as a side table together with the RETROit chair.

WOOFit Headphone

NEW! Keep out the noise and enjoy the music! WOOFit Headphone has active noise cancellation, on-headphone controls, wireless connection and up to 12 hours battery life.


The WOOFit bluetooth loudspeaker is chosen as 'Best in test' and will impress you with its amazing sound. It is wireless, so you can bring it anywhere!


Even greater sound! We have updated the tiny WOOFit speaker, and it is now even more powerful! Play music wirelessly for 5 hours on a single charge.


WOOFit JAM S is a tiny but powerful speaker! It will blow you away with 2x10Watts. You can enjoy wireless sound for 18 hours for each charge.

SQUAREit Cobana

The original beanbag gets a facelift! We are launching a new line of “SQUAREit” beanbags suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

SQUAREit Cobana Junior

SQUAREit Cobana Junior gives the children's room a luxurious look! The beanbag can be used both inside and outside - you decide!

DOGit Cobana

The DOGit Cobana series is exclusive pet furniture for the modern home. Use it inside and outside!


Give your home the ultimate luxurious look with cushions in the exclusive Medley fabric from Gabriel.


This JUNIORit bean bag is perfect for kids. The seams are double, and you can choose between many colors. JUNIORit bean bag is the perfect gift idea!


ANYWHEREit is water resistant, and it has a strap that makes it easy to adjust the seating position. In this bean bag you will feel both comfy, cozy, and relaxed.

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Subscribe to our news letter and receive a gift certificate worth €25 Get lots of inspiration for interior decoration,
product news and exclusive giveaways!