Patio Accessory Stand Ø14 + Bio Lamp

Indoor/outdoor bioethanol lamp with stand


Use only bioethanol for Bio Lamp

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Expected delivery: 2-3 days

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Enjoy the sight of the SACKit Bio Lamp outdoors or indoors: the bio lamp can be used in both environments. Light up the bio lamp during dinner or whenever you want to create an extra cozy atmosphere for your guests. The bio lamp is free from soot and smells so you can enjoy the gorgeous flames in peace.

The biolamp fits perfectly in the included Patio Accessory Stand Ø14. This gives you many more options to use the biolamp exactly where it makes sense for you.

  • Ø14 Accessory Fit
  • Free from soot and smells
  • Up to 4 hours burn time
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Danish design

Bio Lamp


  • Stainless steel
  • Black powder coating
  • Included: ceramic fiber cotton and extinguisher.
  • Heat-resistant glass


  • W18 x H16,5 x L18 cm
  • 0,5-liter ethanol container
  • Burn time: 4–6 hours

Please note: Use only bioethanol. Never use gasoline, kerosene, or other flammable fuels.


Patio Accessory Stand Ø14


  • Black powder-coated stainless steel


  • Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 65 cm

Bio Lamp FAQ

Where do you buy bioethanol?

You can buy bioethanol in most hardware stores and large supermarkets.

How do I fill the bioethanol on the bio lamp?

Remove the glass. Take the container out. Open the container. Pour the bioethanol until the ceramic fiber cotton is saturated and you can see a bit of liquid at the bottom of the container (max. 0,5 L). Close the container and put it back in. If you are turning it on, you need to do this before you put the glass back on. If you’re not turning it on, put the extinguisher on to reduce condensation of the bioethanol.

What is ceramic fiber cotton?

Ceramic fiber cotton is made by tiny threads of fibers of Aluminum oxide and silica. The materials and their density make it resistant to very high temperatures and prevents it from burning under normal conditions.

Can the lamp be used both inside and outside?

Yes, it can. Remember to put the extinguisher back on if you’re leaving the bio lamp outside. This way you make sure that the bioethanol doesn’t condense or get mixed with rainwater.

Does it smell when using the bio lamp?

If you follow our recommendation of using bioethanol with 96-95% alcohol you won’t experience bad smells when using the bio lamp.

How much bioethanol can the bio lamp hold?

It can hold 0.5 liters of bioethanol at a time.

Is there a wick in the bio lamp?

No, there is not.


Patio Accessory Stand FAQ

Which products fits in the stand?

The Patio Accessory Stand can be combined with a large selection of our outdoor accessories. Mix and match the stand with Light 150, the oil lamp, our three different flowerpots, and the wine cooler.

Can the stand stay outside all year round?

The Accessory stand is made in powder-coated stainless steel and can therefore stay outside all year round.

Heat-resistant glass
Danish Design
4 hours burn time

Mix & match

SACKit’s outdoor series, consisting of furniture and accessories, makes it possible to mix and match, allowing yourself to create your own personal outdoor area, and make it a homely, cozy and ambient area.Patio Accessory Stand elevates your SACKit pot, lamp, oil lamp, or wine cooler, and brings your outdoor area to a new level of aesthetic.

Bring the Ambience with You Outside

SACKit Bio Lamp is made in durable design so you can use it under the open sky as well as in your living room. Gather friends and family on a warm summer night under the night sky and enjoy the flickering fire – without the smells of a campfire or fireplace. Use the extinguisher when you’re not using the bio lamp to avoid water getting into the bioethanol, and to make sure it’s ready for use next time.

Free From Soot and Smells

With a bio lamp like SACKit Bio Lamp you avoid the annoyance that soot and smells can bring with them when you’re enjoying a live fire. The bioethanol is free from soot and smell. However, the final factor for a completely smell-free experience is your choice of bioethanol. Bioethanol is made by fermenting plant materials, so you don’t have to worry about toxic gas when using the bio lamp. We recommend choosing a bioethanol with 96-97% alcohol since this results in the least amount of smell, gives the best effect, and burns for the longest amount of time.

Durable Materials

Clean design, powder-coated stainless steel, and geometric shapes combined crates an elegant bio lamp that can be used both inside and outside. The bio lamp is made of materials that can withstand staying outside. The ceramic fiber cotton in the bio lamp absorbs the bioethanol so the liquid isn’t loose. This way, the bioethanol will always stay inside the bio lamp and won’t splash around, even if it gets a little push every now and then. The glass is heat-resistant and protects the flame against drafts and wind, as well as creating a gorgeous reflection of the flame.

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